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What Did I Learn

It is amazing how much I have been learning here at Caesars Windsor! I am a member of the Human Resource Services Team and it took only few days to be fully integrated and feel like part of the team. Since the first day, my manager Nicole did not hesitate to give me responsibilities and tasks to accomplish independently. This placement has helped me to grow both personally and professionally. I have had the opportunity to screen resumes, conduct interviews, analyze references, and present offers for employment. It is amazing to me how much work the human resource department at Caesars Windsor always has. This makes is difficult for me to get bored!All members of the HR Services Team are all very nice and are eager to coach me in this area. Time seems to fly by working with these knowledgeable colleagues. The opportunity for me to move away from theoretical learning and apply some practical knowledge was a nice change. The staff varied in age and experience making it easy to soak in all the information they had to share. The opportunity for me to do an internship was one of the main reasons I choose this program as it is able to help fill the gap between St Clair College and the HR field. I feel that this co-op will definitely help prepare me for a job in in the field of Human Resources.

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What I Can Take Away

The first tasks given to me deal with recruitment, which was the main are I focused on  at Caesars Windsor. I need to learn about Caesars HRM program which allowed me to  create letters of offer for applicants who applied for a specific position. Once I completed a batch of letters, I would then review what I felt was critical information with Karen who is a very experienced mentor with valuable insight accumulated over many years of practice. She taught me ways to look for candidates with red flags, as well as certain things that are usually a good indicator they would be an ideal match for the company. I then transitioned on to the next phase of tasks which included screening resumes and making reference calls. I enjoyed making the reference calls because to me it was a different challenge each time to try and figure out how the candidate performed in their last position, ultimately forming my decision to move them on to the second round of interviews allowing me to develop my decision-making skills. I was able to practice some multi-tasking skills as I was usually given several tasks at once. This enhanced my soft skills but organizing my day to ensure all tasks were completed. A wonderful learning opportunity I was involved in was orientating our newly hired security officers with the HR Coordinator Megan. Having previous abilities to public speak, I feel into this roll seamlessly. I had some knowledge of the position as I reviewed the job posting for this round of hiring. Other than recruitment, I did some interesting work updating employee benefit and pension files as well as acquired some in depth knowledge about all the benefits Caesars Windsor has to offer its employees. Finally, I was able to gain some great incite on how the Caesars Windsor Employee Engagement Team promotes positive vibes in the casino adding to the culture. I will definitely take away the many ideas they have shown me such as the “Shining Star” which is an employee that shows extraordinary customer service. There was a ton of information I will gladly take with me from my internship experience that made it all worth the while. In my time there I was able to further my communication and critical thinking skills. I expanded my knowledge of the field of Human Resources immensely. I was able to practice the use of intuition and gut instincts in order to make difficult decisions. With all of my practice in the field I found that my judgment and decision-making improved significantly. The entire experience left me with a better understanding of how a big company’s human resource department operates. I am fairly confident that this internship also has the potential opportunity for employment fore me after the completion of my schooling. Working at Caesars in the Human Resource Services department I gain daily exposure to reviewing job applicants and by doing this it actually has expanded my knowledge of what to do and not do when I interview for positions. Graduating college with experience already under my belt in the human resource field should give me an upper hand over my competition. The experience was a very positive one in which I developed my skills further, expanded my knowledge, and got a taste of what the real world of human resources is all about. The placement has made me understand exactly why Caesars Windsor was named “Forbes Canada’s Best Employers List”.

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