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What makes geniuses different from other people? Why does a high level of intelligence not always indicate the ability to think outside the box? How are the best ideas born? Is it possible to develop creativity by borrowing a couple of techniques from Albert Einstein or other great people?The answers to all these questions are in the book of the expert on creativity of Michael Mikalko “Hacking the creative” . Under the cover you will find not only interesting facts about creative thinking, but also useful practical exercises that will teach you to find original solutions under any circumstances.5 strategies and 3 interesting tricks from the book Rusbase leads right now.How geniuses come up with ideasThere are five strategies that help you tune into creative search.Know how to look. Genius often manifests itself in that it finds a new perspective, which no one has ever used. Leonardo da Vinci believed that in order to learn more about the problem, it is necessary to learn how to reformulate it in various ways. He believed that at first the view of the problem is too biased, because it gravitates to the usual view of things.Visualize. As a rule, geniuses have well developed visual and spatial thinking. When Einstein pondered the problem, he did not just justify his positions verbally and mathematically, but always tried to formulate it in as many ways as possible, including using diagrams.Thinking is easy. A distinctive characteristic of genius is its incredible performance. Thomas Edison had 1093 patents, and it’s still a record. After studying the activities of 2,036 scientists around the world, Dean Keith Simonton noted that the most respected of them created not only more great works, but also more unsuccessful ones. As a result, a huge number turned into quality.Link unbound. A special style of thinking of creative people is the ability to find such connections that hide from the attention of ordinary mortals. In 1865, Augustus Kekule guessed the ring-shaped form of the benzene molecule when he dreamed of a snake biting its tail. Nikola Tesla saw an analogy between the setting sun and the engine, which made it possible to invent an alternating-current motor.Look at the other side. The physicist and philosopher David Bohm believed that geniuses are capable of generating thoughts that are inaccessible to most people, because they calmly relate to the relationship between opposing or even incompatible concepts. Thus, Niels Bohr’s ability to perceive light simultaneously as a particle and as a wave led him to the idea of ??the principle of complementarity.

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