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What is Prostate Cancer?Age Amount of People Living with Prostate Cancer <40  1 in 10,000 men40-591 in 38 men60-691 in 14 men Common signs and symptoms of prostate cancer:Difficulty urinatingUrgent need to urinateFrequent urination, especially at nightBurning or pain when urinatingInability to urinate or difficulty starting or stopping urine flowBlood in the urineWebsiteswww.nhs.uk cancer is a old man's diseaseAny man at any age can get it.You have to treat prostate cancer right away.You and your doctor can discuss if you want to treat your prostate cancer or not. If you get prostate cancer, you'll die of the disease.You are more likely live to a old age or die of other causes.You can pass your cancer to others.There is no way you can pass this cancer to others. #1 What is Prostate CancerThe prostate is a male reproductive gland. The prostate, a walnut sized gland that is located under the bladder, is around the top part of the urethra. Prostate cancer is one of the slowest growing cancers; most men that have prostate cancer die from other causes. Why most people say prostate cancer is a old man's disease is because it is a slow disease and the effects don't start to show until later stages. Like most cancers prostate cancer can spread to other major parts of the body for example the liver, lungs, bones and even the just from some of this information you should know that prostate cancer is a very serious cancer.#2 The History of Prostate CancerThe first prostate cancer case was discovered in 1853 by Dr. J. Adams from the London hospital. Back then, the type of cancer was extremely rare. So rare that the treatments of that cancer were not understood well. So they would do surgery, it was said that it was to reduce swelling of the prostate.It was not till 1904 Hugh H. performed the first ever removal of the entire prostate at the young of Johns Hopkins Hospital. Also in the 1900s, Radiation Therapy was first used. plus in the mid-1900s diagnosis of prostate cancer was mostly in 70-year-old men, but most patients surprisingly had advanced stages of spreading and which the one that did not get treated died within 2 years. In the 1940s androgen ablation therapy was introduced, it was and still is useful, it didn't just work on treating metastatic cancer but other types of cancer, it also helped play a action in growing male hormones. This treatment was discovered by the 1966 Nobel prize winner, Charles Huggins.Now the usual prostate cancer patient in his 60s is diagnosed with a localized form of cancer unlike a metastatic. This makes it easier for the man to live out a longer quality of life without treatment.Lastly, there are other treatments you can get like Robotic prostatectomy and HIFU which stands for (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) But those are treatments right now you can only get in Los Angeles. #3 How to Prevent Prostate CancerThere are many ways you can get rid of prostate cancer; most foods are ways to help prevent prostate cancer. For example, red foods like tomatoes and watermelon help because of their brightness and their antioxidant called lycopene. Studies show that if you eat these foods it will decrease your chance of prostate cancer. There are other ways too: chickpeaslentilsalfalfa sproutspeanutstofufishSomething strange was that coffee and fat can help prevent prostate cancer. There are also basic ways to help to prevent prostate cancer like swimming, walking, running and other physical activity. #3 How to Get Prostate CancerNo one yet knows exactly what causes prostate cancer, but there are ways you can increase your odds of getting prostate cancer which include age, DNA, obesity, diets, and culture. Researchers continue to explore the link between nutrition and lifestyle factors and the development of prostate cancer.Staging of prostate cancer#4 Signs and Symptoms Because of the prostate being right beside the urinary system, there can be symptoms that can be signs to prostate cancer. For example there can be:Burning or pain while urinatingHard time urinating, or starting and stopping while urinating is more difficultMore urges to urinate at nightWay less bladder controlLess flow of urine streamBlood in urine There are also other symptoms from other body parts because prostate cancer can spread to nearby bones or tissue, but if it spreads to the spine or the spinal nerves you have to get medical help immediately or it can cause serious damage. Other symptoms include: Swelling in pelvic areaNumb feeling or pain in the hips, legs or feet usually one sidePains or possible fractures in the bones that don't go awayWeakness when walking#5 Treatment The treatment of prostate cancer depends on lots of information many different types of doctors discuss and make a plan so that they can give the most efficient treatment. For example; age, race, family history, diet, and where you live.Those are the easier signs for the doctors to decide what treatment for their patient to get. There is ablation which is a treatment that does not involve surgery. ablation is a removal of deceased body tissue and a cancerous tumor. Plus there can be other options for prostate cancer that might include:Cryotherapy Hormone therapyChemotherapyVaccine treatmentBone-directed treatmentSurgery Radiation therapyUsually these would be used one at a time. Most of the time you get a second choice on your treatments especially prostate cancer.the last thing you should do during your treatments is to try and get help, even the biggest thing can be someone there with you when you are going through the treatments, someone from your family or even a close friend.     #6 Supporting People with Prostate Cancer In my opinion, family support is the most important thing by far when someone's going through any type of cancer or disease. Plus research says that family that helps emotionally support the man deal with his treatment or his cancer will affect him in the most positive ways possible.Lots of men value the option to talk about what they are feeling to a close family member. The best thing you can do when talking to the man is to listen to them. But on the other hand, some men prefer not to talk about it. You might get frustrated, and think that he should get some help and talk about his emotions, but think, he might think that he is fine and that he does not need any help. So if he is like that the best thing to do is ask him questions instead of telling him what to do. Overall, the most important thing is to be there for them, even if you don't talk to them, they will really appreciate if you are just there.

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