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What we all know like United
States (USA), it’s basically a federal constitutional republic country composed
by fifty states. Most of the country is located in the center of North America
– where we find forty eight contiguous states and the state of the capital,
Washington D.C-, between the oceans Pacific Ocean and The Atlantic Ocean. The
others two states separates of the rest are, the state of Alaska is in the
northwest of the continent, bordering on Canada in the eastern part and
separated from Russia in the western part for Bering’s strait and Hawái’s
state, which is a Polynesian island in the middle of the ocean Pacific Ocean,
and is the only American state one that one does not find in America. Also has
more territories in Caribbean’s sea and Pacific’s ocean. USA has borders on
Canada in the northern part and on Mexico in the southern part. With 9.83
million km ², and with more than 325 million inhabitants, the country is fourth
bigger, and the third country in population. If we talk about the ethnic
groups, we meet with one of the more diverse and multicultural nations of the
world, product of the large-scale immigration. In other part, USA is the
biggest economy in the world in nominal terms and more, is the main force of
the capitalism in the globe with a big industry and big agriculture. However in
PPP (Purchasing Power Parity) terms USA is the second economy in the world
behind of China. Now we are going to talk about some history of USA, which was
founded by thirteen Britain’s colonies in the Atlantic coast. Later, on July 4,
1776, they issued the Declaration of Independence, which proclaimed his right
to the free self-determination and the establishment of a cooperative union.
The rebellious finish with the victory against British Empire in Independence
War, the first colonial war of successful independence. In the decade of 1860,
the disputes between the agrarian south and the industrial north on the rights
of the conditions and the abolition of the slavery caused the Civil War. The
victory of the north avoided a permanent division of the country and drove at
the end of the legal slavery. For the decade of 1870, was USA’s economy the
biggest in the world .The Hispanic war and the I WW confirmed the status of the
country as a military power. After the Second World War, it arose as the first
country with nuclear weapon and a permanent member of the Security Council of
the United Nations. The end of the Cold War and the dissolution of the Soviet
Union stopped to the United States as the only international superpower. The
purpose of this work is know the situation in the actuality of USA and the
paper that done in the whole world plus the influence that they have in quite
all the actions in the earth

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