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Passion in often confused by various different meanings so
before knowing what is passion let us know what passion is not.

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Passion is not a Personality trait

We often confuse passion with personality trait. Personality
trait generally reflects people’s patterns of thoughts, behaviours and
feelings. However, true passion is much more than a feeling of enthusiasm.

Passion is not Forced

Passions already exists in all of us. it’s not possible to
“get passionate” about something just because you saw somebody else doing it
and you desire to have that passion within you. You can really love that but it
isn’t necessary you can be passionate about that as because, you cannot force
passion for something that you’re not already passionate about.

Passion is not Known by Anyone

Nobody already knows what is their specific passion. When
someone says they are not passionate about anything, they actually don’t know
about their passion. Their passion still needs to be discovered.

Passion is not Hobby

Some equate a passion for something to a hobby. But Hobby is
when you do what you love to do at a personal or a moderate level. It could be singing
in the shower, dancing at DJ,chit-chatting , eating , disassembling gadgets
etc. But just because you love to dance in DJ, that doesn’t necessarily mean
that you are passionate for dancing. But when you go all public with it, to the
point where someone assumes you crazy for that particular thing, that can be
passion for you.


In Simple Words we may say passion is that unstoppable Hobby
that gives you immense happiness , limitless energy , enthusiasm and a
motivation to do a task no matter how challenging or difficult it is. Obsession
for a particular activity can be your passion. Your specific passion is what
you would do or become right now in this particular moment, if you had no fear
, no competition , no restrictions or no limits. It is the things which you
wish to do even at a subconscious state. It is the thing for which you’re willing
to sacrifice your leisure and pleasures and you are generally positive about. Passion
is similar to talent. Lucky are the ones gifted with it. Even if they are
gifted, not everyone has the bravery or the opportunity to embrace their
passion. They may have the talent to do those things but passion is what brings
those things from thought to reality

For body builders fitness freaks being in shape or gyming
can be their passion. No matter how difficult and hurting carrying weights may
be they lift that because being in shape is their passion.

Qualities Of Passionate
People :

Passionate people are mission driven: They direct themselves.
No one has to tell them to be passionate or excited. Their passion comes from their

Passionate people are almost always ambitious: They have
a desire to have knowledge in the field they love. They try to know and learn more
and more about it by reading about it rather than escaping from it.

Passionate people are involved: This means how much
efforts, time, cost and hard work you keep inside your passion. Following your
passion can be time taking but it can lead you to a successful life and a great
career. In eagerness to earn more money and fulfil all our desires like getting
a secure job, owning a house, travelling to new places, being independent, sign
cheques, manage accounts etc as soon as possible, most of us prefer being practical
rather than being passionate. This can give you a rich life but maybe not a
satisfactory life.

                                                                        How to know your passion ?

Knowing your passion gives you a way to build your life
better. These are some ways by which you can determine your passion.

Know your strengths

Try to recognise your talents, your skills and special thing
which you are gifted by god. There are few things in which you are naturally
good and you even enjoy doing that. People often ignore those things as they
consider it to be simple and natural. Don’t do that. Spend time thinking about
this and note all your answers. Maybe you have always been a good artist or a
good manager or good decision maker or good friend or good team worker or good
listener or good problem solver or good dancer or a good poet etc.

Find your point of excitement

Notice the activity which makes you excited. It can be
anything ranging from a part of your job to something you have not done till
now. You can even look back to your childhood and analyse your old fascinations
. Make a list of the things that you think you can never get bored of doing. Give
a deeper thought and note your answers. Realisation is the most important part
in knowing your passion. Excellently said by Oprah Winfrey “If you don’t
know what your passion is, realize that one reason for your existence on earth
is to find it.” Additionally, realizing what changes you want to make in
your life can give you insights into your passion

What do you read or search the most while surfing
the internet ?

When you get passionate about something, you try to research
more and more gain maximum possible knowledge about it. If you got that ,
congratulations !! that can be the thing you are passionate about.

Developing and enjoying It

Once you get to know your passion work upon it and practice
it well to excel in that.  Once you start
practising your passion you start loving and enjoying your work. Skill
development can be time taking as it can direct you to more experience. For
example : If your passion is singing you need to practice it regularly to get
income opportunities from your passion.

Ignore Negative Surroundings

Now when you are making actual progress towards achieving
your passion, people try to pull you down and demotivate you. Try to avoid them
or not let their words affect you success. For this you need strong motivation.

Celebrate Your Passion Successes

It is important to reward yourself when you achieve anything
may it be little or huge. Try to evaluate your level of success. The more
successful you feel the more right path you are in. keep going!

why employees lack passion ?

Most of the people choose being practical rather than
passionate . They are desperate to earn money. They wake up in the morning with
sadness and lack of motivation. They go to their workplace feel depressed ,
utilised , uninterested and unappreciated. Till they are back home they are
exhausted and have very less self time. Then they continue and do it all over

All the practical employees can relate the same. We accept the
same life and ignore our dreams. We stay unhappy and unsatisfied by our jobs.
Before we realise what we want we are burdened by the responsibilities and
status symbol which does not allow us to change our jobs.

To solve and come up with great outputs companies came up
with a strategy called passion management. ONGC is the first company in India
which has come up with passion management.

What is Passion Management ?

Passion management is new way of getting work done. Employees
while coming to work bring their emotions and interests along with them, which
goes unutilised. In passion management we try to get employees commitment based
on their interest area and desires. Then you connect it and arrange it with the
overall vision of the organization.  Passion
Management is a much more positive way of describing our confusion of how to
get interested in our work. Passion Management is the ability to manage all the
different passions .

Passion management is a high-risk management technique. Emotion
and passion are two different things which can be monitored but difficult to
manage. Both are a part of passion management.

Creating a passion friendly work environment

There are 4 categories which helps in deciding this. The
first one is

Willing and Able:

Those employees who are both willing and able to do their
job are the employees who have a clear goal. They are ready to accept their
work and do them with full dedication. These category of people are given more
authority and are mostly referred to as team leaders.

Willing but Not

Those employees who are very willing but unable to do their
tasks are the employees who needs to be trained and given directions. They need
good leader who can tell them what to do analyse their work, find their
weakness and inabilities of the employees and train them for the same so that
they can give better results.

Able but Unwilling:

Those employees who are able but unwilling to do the tasks
are the employees who come under lazy category. They come as a greatest
challenge for the organisation as these employees might have unique talents within
them but they are lazy to do them. These can be solved by either changing the
group behaviour in order to match his or allowing them to express their ideas
of what they want and how they want to work. The leader needs to inspire them.

Unwilling and Unable:

Employees who fall under this category have both poor attitude
as well as performance. It is very difficult to help these kind of employees as
passion comes from within it cannot be forced or taught.

Benefits of passion management

a.            Makes
work adventure

If employees find the work worthy or meaningful they start
to work hard without additional payment, which comes as an effective and
efficient use of resources which is beneficial for employees. The feeling of
fun and satisfaction can make the difference.

b.            Increases
the high leverage activity intensity:

When employees do tasks according to their interest area the
force of completing an unwanted task is reduced. By this talent of employees
are utilised and the productivity automatically goes up. When they finish the
task they feel accomplished and then they feel motivated towards their work.

c.             Gets
High levels of dedication from employees:

When the employee find their personal goals being achieved
by working in the organisation they become more and more dedicated towards
their organisation.    

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