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What basically is child abuse and
why is it an issue? Child abuse is physical, psychological or sexual neglect of
a child or children by their parent(s), guardians or caregivers. It is when the
guardian or parent does not give the care, devotion, surveillance and support needed
by a child’s well-being and health. Child abuse also includes child labor and
exploitation. According to World Health Organization (WHO), every year, there are an estimated 41,000 homicide deaths in
children under 15 years of age because of sexual molestation and physical
maltreatment. It is a global issue and the reason why I have chosen this topic
is that this issue is rapidly growing, not only in subcontinent but all parts
of world and yet strict attention is not paid to this issue.

The question
that arises in our minds is “Why does
child abuse even happen?” There are certain factors that can lead to likelihood
of harm which includes stress- financial problems, medical problems or job
pressure-, lack of parenting skills- lack of literacy, not being able to
brought up kids in a proper way-, use of drugs and alcohol and the last but not
the least poor childhood experiences- intergenerational patterns of abuse. Furthermore,
the society attitudes are also a contributing factor towards child abuse.

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 Why is that kids don’t raise up their voices
and report such incidents? The kids are scared to show up or hesitate by the
fear of the person who has already abused them most of the times and the other
times the children are ashamed to share such incidents with anyone when it
happens in home or by their family members.The severance and the need to stop
this issue from growing can be deduced from the fact that almost 1 billion children aged 2–17
years experienced physical, sexual, emotional or multiple types of violence.  According to kids health organization almost 3 million children
are abused in USA alone and these are only the reported incidents. According to a survey held by W.H.O 73 million boys and
150 million girls under the age of 18 have been subjected to forced sexual
intercourses and different kinds of abuses and violence. A global School-based
student health survey found that 20% and 65% of school going children have reported
to be verbally and physically abused or bullied in last 30 days. UNICEF
estimated that more than 3 million females in subcontinent, Sudan and Egypt are
subjected to female genital mutilation every year.Child abuse in India is often a secret aspect when it
happens at home or by family members. A surprising fact: intra-family or abuse
that takes place at schools or government homes has received minimal attention
of all. The old tradition of children being highly dependent on their parents even
after they moved out even after they moved out of their parental home might
seem very respectful but has proved to have negative effects on child
protection and strategies. Immense number of child abuse cases a home are
really hard to attain as they go unreported. India does not have a law that
protects children against abuse In the home.

3rd April 2017, a BBC article calls Europe
as a ‘hub’ of child abuse.

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