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Whatis copyright? Generally, copyright is a right for creators of musical,dramatic, poetic content (or any other content that can be considered”intellectual property”) to: own, sell copies, write more, and make money offtheir work. The authors are given “exclusive rights” for their work, yet thereare limitations at times such as: fair use. Fair use lets the author’s work beused for: nonprofit educational purposes, comment or criticist of the work, ornews reporting. But, intellectual property not being used for any of thosepurposes lies under the copyright law. In this paper I will go in depth aboutthe copyright law in the United States of America and how it operates.There are multiple purposes forcopyright, the main purpose is to promote artistic/musical work by securing itfor a limited time (70 years). Another purpose is securing your content and notletting users make money off of it (unless it’s considered fair use).

This is alaw in the USA and breaking it may cost charges. Incidents of the law beingbroken are pretty common on media platforms largely on YouTube. YouTube warnscreators breaking the law by using strikes, after collecting 3 strikes theuser’s account is deleted or banned. Yet, for more severe situations the caseis taken to court, where the lawbreaker can get a penalty up to 300,000 dollarsand deletion of your copyrighted content. An example of that is a famous casewhere Art Rogers took an image of two men sitting with a line of puppies whichwas later discovered a copy of a statue by Jeff Coons.

The case was taken tocourt and Art was charged with a penalty for copyright.  The copyright law has a ton of differentopinions surrounding it. Most think it is good that there is a law supportingcreation of new content and money making.

Others think that the law is tooharsh and could be loosened a little bit. I think it is good the law is thatstrict in the USA and having it be that way helps so many creative artist andcreators share THEIR work. As the USA is one of the countries with a hugepopulation and a lot of plagiarism a rule/law like this makes perfect sense tome. So in conclusion I  cansay that the copyright law system in the USA is there to inspire you and manyother talented creators and individuals to put your work out there and not beafraid by having the law on their side. 

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