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Westernization in China did not undercut
traditional Chinese morality in terms of fidelity. Infidelity already existed
and there are multiple reasons for it other than westernization. The first
reason infidelity is prevalent in China is the significantly unbalanced male to
female sex ratio. In China, the number of men and women are dramatically
changing. According to the article “Too Many Men? Sex Ratios and Women’s
Partnering Behavior in China.” they state “High sex ratios are associated with
an increased likelihood that women engage in premarital and extramarital sexual
relationships and have more than one sexual partner.” This further strengthens
the idea that the increased extramarital activities are due to highly
unbalanced sex ratios in China.

Another reason for infidelity in
China is the amount of sex workers present in China. Many books such as “The
Dark Road” by Ma Jian are used in academic classes and refers to instances of
engaging in sexual activities with prostitutes in China while being in a
married or committed relationship. This suggest that prostitution is quite
common in China. Another study was conducted in the article “Clients of Female
Sex Workers: A Population-Based Survey of China.” The survey supplied data on
the prevalence of female sex workers, and their contact with male clients who
were married. The results showed that of the 2,707 men who took the survey “Men
who had contact with female sex workers were 7.2% in urban areas and 1.8% in
rural areas.” It was also stated that “Men with only wife or stable sex
partner, who reported sexually transmitted infections (STI) last year also
reported sex with female sex workers.” Female workers in China lead to
increased rates of infidelity.

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The origin of Infidelity itself is
unknown. It is prevalent everywhere making it impossible to pinpoint where
china adopted the concept from. This also makes it impossible to place the
blame on westernization. Some scientist even believe infidelity to be
biologically determined. If infidelity is in fact true this automatically
destroys the concept that it derived from westernization. Infidelity is defined
as being unfaithful to a spouse or other sexual partner. According to the
article “Is Infidelity Biologically Determined?” which focuses on the
biological factors of monogamy and infidelity, “Infidelity is prevalent and
reported more frequently by males than by females.” The article further states
that while some causes of infidelity are “sexual dissatisfaction and sexual
permissiveness” there is also a biological factor. Scientist have researched
the biological side of infidelity. For instance, they purpose “dopamine versus
oxytocin” suggesting a brain system which is completely “sex drive.” The
article is concluded by stating that infidelity has a biological foundation
such as genetics and brain chemistry. This alone proves that infidelity is
biologically determined and removes all claims the China adopted extramarital
relationships due to westernization undermining their traditional values and

Given the information, one can
conclude that the concept of universally maintained fidelity is in fact a
stereotype created to give China a better image. These implications derive from
the beliefs that China is this place of unconditional love and faithfulness to
one’s companion. Unfortunately, it is just a misconception that is proven false
by evidence suggesting otherwise. Infidelity exist everywhere in the world,
including China and has be prevalent their for years making it impossible to
blame western societies for infidelity in China.

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