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Western biomedicine has been one of the most preferred forms of treatment in the recent decades. However this has not been the case with every civilized individual in the modern world as some Americans have resumed into the use of Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurvedic medicine is regarded as one of the oldest holistic methods of treatment which came into being more than five thousand years ago in India (Gilrvan, 2013). The method of treatment is based on the belief that human wellness and health depends on the balance between the mind, spirit, and body. The treatments are geared towards specific health problems which have attracted many patients to make it a preferred method of treatment. In the modernized countries such as United States patients are resulting in the use of this type of treatment as a form of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). Ayurvedic treatment is increasingly becoming popular as an effective way of dealing with some health issues that are not treatable through biomedicine which is impacting negatively on medicalization.There are several benefits accrued to the use of an Ayurvedic form of treatment some of them are only known to the practitioners and the patients who tend to use it. People have argued that the change in lifestyle, tension, stress, and pollution are the reasons for diseases that affect both the physical and mental health (Gilrvan, 2013). Americans have learned that Ayurvedic is important in their overall body health in that the form of treatment focuses on identifying the source of the problem and not treating the signs. Ayurvedic is also known for its ability to take an absolute look of the problems in the body of an individual. The treatment makes a complete examination of the human mind, body, and soul then an appropriate analysis of diet and natural medicine is prescribed (Pandhare, 2017). American people who go for this treatment prefer a treatment that focuses on prevention being better than curing which is one of the principle elements of Ayurvedic.The form of treatment is old and more established than the new forms of treatment; people tend to prefer it as an alternative form of treatment because of its stability in treatment. This form does not change now and then. This form of treatment does not have any side effects because of its nature. The Ayurvedic form of treatment took root in the 1980s in California after the establishment of the California College of Ayurveda (Lock, 2004). The treatment then has spread to the west coast of America and is gaining population with time even in big cities such as Los Angeles and New York. People are being recommended for it because there has not been any other form of treatment that takes care of the mind, body, and soul (Lock, 2004). The practice of seeking this type of treatment is mostly among the male gender with a 68% and that of females being 32%. The average age for those who seek this type of medical care is around fifty-five with a monthly income of about a thousand dollars a month (Brooks, 2002).In conclusion, from the start of 17th century, Europe and North America fostered the engineering mentality. Modernization had to handy with engineering which impacted all sectors including medicine. This triggered people to intensify studies on medical science which in turn resulted into medicalizing all health issues which is unhealthy for our bodies, minds, and soul (Lock, 2004). The formation of medical specialties there has been a revolution in the medical sector which has led to the accumulation, compilation, and distribution of new knowledge in medicine. People are referring this as modernization and medicalization.

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