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Week One Homework







Name: Mohammad Abu Ghalyoun

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Student #: 0758133









Professor: Jay Muncaster





Course: SYST3002 Business Information Systems S2




1 – What is Microsoft’s Competitive advantage?


Being the largest technology firm in the world is Microsoft’s competitive advantage.

Due to the fact that Microsoft made a lot of money in the past years, Microsoft has a big budget for future growth, also this money allows Microsoft to buy its competitors if try to take its market shares.


2- Using Porter’s five forces, how would you evaluate the competition in the software industry, is it highly competitive or not?


1.     Supplier Power

Microsoft is well known across the world which help Microsoft to grow by attracting customers to buy its unique products and investors to buy their shares.


2.     Competitive Rivalry

Software industry grows exponentially which means Microsoft will never run of customers, also by inventing new ideas Microsoft will attract a lot of new potential customers.


3.     New Entry

Microsoft has been in the industry for long time, so it’s hard for new entrants to enter the industry and compete against Microsoft.


4.     Buyer Choice

Buyers have few options when deciding which software to buy and use, Microsoft software’s provide top features like crush free, low price, and easy to install and use.


5.     Substitution

There are few substitutes like Apple’s MacOS, but it doesn’t affect Microsoft because is the most common operating system in the world.


3- What are some of the advantages/disadvantages of the new technologies proposed in their future vision?




·      Easier to analyze and store data which will lead to more useful and effective information that will empower us to make better decisions.

·      Helps people with disabilities, ubiquitous computing technology allows them to have access to devices anywhere at any time.

·      Better learning system, studying will be easier because of the new innovative idea of less physical devices like laptops. 

·      New collaborations, ubiquitous computing technology will help in creating new Collaborations among users.






·      Security concerns, a lot of users will not trust this technology with their personal information due to the fact that it’s easy to have access to these devices.

·      This technology will be costly and not everyone may be able to afford it.

·      Not easy to learn, it will take some time until all users are familiar with this technology.


4- How do you feel about the technologies presented in the video?


In my opinion,


There is no doubt that this technology will be revolutionary once it becomes reality, and it will increase living standards by changing people’s lifestyles and help them enjoy their day to day activities.

On the other hand, it will be challenging to run s software with no physical device, so I don’t think that Microsoft will be able to do this in next 5-10 years as it states in the video due to the current limited technology.


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