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Week 4 Assignment

January 10, 2017

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Wacky Wendy’s

Dustin M Zingale

West Texas A University

Wacky Wendy’s

On Twitter, the restaurant chain Wendy’s is becoming increasingly famous for their friendly taunts and put-downs than their hamburgers. They have been successful being humorous and somewhat raunchy than their bland competitors. This strategy has been incredibly successful. Wendy’s social media voice and brand is unique to only them. We can learn from their social media tactics and antics.

Wendy’s distinct social media personality sets it apart from the competition. Having that kind of personality helps you build relationships and increase your overall presence on the internet. Even though the users cannot be face-to-face with Wendy’s on Twitter, you still get the feeling that they’re a real person. Their tweets are sarcastic and unapologetically humorous, these are the central part of their brand. When I read the past couple days of their tweets, they were all funny, casual, and clever. Every tweet is written with their overall strategy in mind, but it’s still comical and relatable. Recently, their strategy was #NationalRoastDay. This is where they were “celebrating life, liberty, and the pursuit of sassiness.” If there is something to learn from this, it’s finding the unique voice that you want to be associated with your brand, and focused all your content on it. This will make your brand distinctive and unique (Gotter 2017).

I do not know of any other company whose strategy is to defame all competitors on a public social platform. Wendy’s “started beef” with McDonald’s, accusing them of using frozen beef in their hamburgers. They use slang in the correct way. Numerous companies have tried to use today’s slang to try to fit in with the younger crowd. Most of the time, this strategy fails miserably. With Wendy’s however, they perfectly use today’s words in the correct context, at the right time. Their put-downs are enjoyable for the audience. When they opted for their social media strategy to be humor, it was a much-needed refresher. They also participate in realistic promotions. For example, in order to get free chicken nuggets, a Twitter user asked how many retweets he would need to receive. Wendy’s replied with 18 million. The retweets are sitting at about 3.6 million (M. 2017).

When users read posts or follow a company, they want that page or post to feel authentic. Users want to believe these two things; a real person is writing the tweets with transparent intentions. Wendy’s does this by never using a bot to post tweets. No computer has the imaginative capability with these highly intelligent and hilarious posts. From the tweets I saw, they have two main types of content. The first type is meant to promote their products and the second is solely to entertain. They are very balanced in both types. Deciding on a social media strategy and staying loyal to it is difficult, especially when people try to damage your image. Instead of conceding to negative people, Wendy’s responds in kind. This long-term uniformity allows them to keep user engagement high and keeping their momentum going. Many companies implement their great idea, attract positive attention, and then that strategy slows down and fades away. Wendy’s stays true and it has definitely paid off (M. 2017).

Wendy’s twitter is extremely responsive to their followers. They respond and reply to almost every tweet sent their way. They also make other users more popular by retweeting them occasionally. They respond quickly and clearly to users that try to be funny but also to complaints and suggestions. They use a multi-person team that handles their social media account. Their team also uses effective social media tools that help them respond and address tweets (M. 2017).

Wendy’s has a professional and witty social media team supporting their brand. Many large and small businesses can learn from them. Wendy’s took a large risk and bet their reputation when they decided this strategy. Each tweet they send out is a calculated risk, with each one potentially being the next big scandal (M. 2017). Companies can learn a couple things from Wendy’s. The first is having a clear goal and a plan. Never give up on that plan, don’t let up and allow your strategy fade into a social media graveyard (Gotter 2017).


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