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We have a major problem with our switches and servo-mechanism products being faulty and failing before their expiration date.  Also, we are in danger of losing a major contract that will be detrimental to the success of our company.  To address this problem, we will use Chaffe (2015) five step problem solving approach to find out the cause of our products being faulty, what we can do to assure our customer that these quality issues will not be a problem and the contract is here to stay.


First alternative is to improve our quality control program by testing our products with simulated operation of our customer which then will help identify the root cause of the faulty products.  Second alternative is to increase operational testing on actual buyer operations which will ensure that all manufacturing products are good to go on all buyer product versions.

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After careful evaluation of the of the quality control program and operation readiness testing, we found that the material makeup of the switches and servo-mechanism products are too fragile for operation by our customer furthermore increases the chance of failing when used by the buyer.  We noticed that there are too many instances with our products being reported as faulty and only used once or twice.


So a couple of solutions will help our problem, first search for potential new suppliers and put the products to test with an enhanced simulated quality control and operations testing process.  Second, show actual operation tests on buyer products and offer a new discounted deal for six months as a courteously for the inconvenience and loss for the customer.


After a refurbished quality control and operations program, our customer was impressed with our new processes in place and accepted the new deal at the discounted rate.  Our company is now more of the respected and reputable brands out and has gained new business with new customers.


Reference: Chaffee, J. (2015). Thinking critically (11th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning


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