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need to take into consideration the fact that Jon Ronson expresses his point of
view very different from the crowd in the internet world or from any other
medium that the crowd may not see eye to eye with what may Jon Ronson
identifies the situation. Based on the video, Jon Ronson believes that there is
a problem with the mindset of humanity, while everyone else disagrees with what
Jon Ronson believes in terms of punishment. With the analyzation of the video,
Jon Ronson poses that the people do show extensive lack of sympathy if the
current setting viewed online is destructive and heavily punishable. Jon Ronson
believes that the power of individuals on social media allows these type crowds
or public shamers to believe that they are entitled and powerful enough to
make, sometimes, unnecessary comments or opinions online that they deemed right
and just based on what they believe in. The avalanche and snowflake theory is
what drives and motivates one to do such a thing online. Personally, I think
that the fundamental to such behavior of the theory begins with a so-called “snowflake”.
The term “snowflake” means that it’s supposed to be a non-toxic and not
meant to gather great attention from what it was intended for. However, sometimes
things spark up and get out of control, that the outrage of the crowd from a
source expands tremendously and all the built-up rage triggers the crowd and will
very soon cause an avalanche effect.

            By now, it is comprehensible that
one of the main purposes of the internet is for individuals or internet users
to gain that “online” freedom to express our emotions, opinions,
feelings, etc. and our sense of independence to do and post what we feel is
right and just regardless of what people may say, think or whom might get
affected negatively or positively. There is a saying “with great power
comes with great responsibility, and I am a firm believer of the saying. So,
for the individuals that are not abiding by their online freedom responsibility
should be held accountable and be classified as internet shamers, regardless if
it was intended or not. These individuals were given high-level control of
their lives in the internet world and should be aware and responsible for what
they are doing. This goes with the quote by Neil MacDonald “the scary
thing about the internet…is that it allows human nature to do as it
likes.”  Also, the rest of the quote
“Shamers abide by no due process. No government oversees them… what has
taken from is the biggest Kangaroo court in human history – capricious,
vicious, stupid, out of control and with effective impunity.” Sums up the
things that I have mentioned about how online shamers can do so much damage and
ruin so much reputation online and how little the punishments are to those who
are caught.

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            In my opinion, I believe that people who initiate shaming
online should also deserve to be shamed. We have a saying “What comes
around, goes around” and I am also a firm believer of this saying. So,
yes, I believe that the punishment of cyber-shaming outweighs the
“crimes” committed by the targets of cyber-shaming. Resisting the
crime should not affect the individuals that were affected but should be
influencing the attacker, hence why the punishment outweighs the crimes the
targets commit.

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