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We all know how winter can make complete bears out of men—the hibernation, the laziness; you name it! It’s no wonder then that you get out of it looking ten pounds heavier, not to mention that bulge around what once used to be a perfectly normal waistline. We got Himanshu Bathla, Founder of CrossFit Stride, Powered by Reebok, to dish out valuable details on how to keep your winter workout simple, yet fruitful. Take a look at the tips he doles out and how he does it, like a pro!1. Dress Right© SHUTTERSTOCK”Wear multiple layers that you can take off easily”, Bathla advises. “Layering with thin tight clothes is better than one thick layer as it provides better insulation and better movement.” Go for fabrics, like synthetic fibres, that will keep you dry and warm without restricting your movements. Perspiration during winter workouts could possibly lead to hypothermia. “Wearing compression is a great idea in winters as it not only helps you to keep warm but also to recover faster from the workout,” he adds. Be sure to wear warm hats, gloves and socks that will keep your feet dry. If you like working outdoors, go for reflective bright-coloured clothes and shoes to be safe on the roads.2. Set A Goal© THINKSTOCK PHOTOS/GETTY IMAGESDON’T MISSHEALTHY HABITS10 Foods You Shouldn’t Eat After A Workout FITNESSThis Is How Motivation Should Work To Get You Off Your Ass And Into The Gym6.1K SHARES MOTIVATIONDesi Gym Trainers Told Him That He Can’t Transform Without Steroids But Then This Happened4.9K SHARES MOTIVATIONThis Guy Transformed Only After Getting The Right Guidance MOTIVATIONSick Of Being Skinny, This Guy Made Himself A Promise To Compete As A Natural Bodybuilder MOTIVATIONThis Doctor Wanted A Physique Like A 90s Action Hero & With Hard Work, He Achieved Just That MOTIVATIONCheated By Desi Trainers, Mudit Did Not Give Up & Ultimately Lost 44 Kilos BODY BUILDINGIs Muscle Confusion Really Needed For Maximum Growth? Here’s The Answer MOTIVATIONBurdened With Work & Travel Dinesh Dreamt Of Achieving A Six Pack And Then This Happened MOTIVATIONSick Of Being Bullied, Harnek Patiently Worked His Way From Being Skinny To Being Jacked MOTIVATIONHis Long-Term Girlfriend Cheated On Him And He Came Out Of It With A Ripped Revenge Body BODY BUILDINGAre Winters For Bulking And Summers For Leaning? No Bro, It’s A Myth MOTIVATIONSick Of Being A Skinny Guy, Quality Nutrition And Weight Training Got Dhinil Jacked & Confident BODY BUILDINGThere’s Legit Science & Reason Behind Wearing A Lifting Belt That You Must KnowHEALTHExplore the most viral stories in HealthDo What Men Do..Like Us On FacebookLike3.2MWorking out in winter is not easy as the days are shorter and you will find hundreds of excuses not to sweat it out. Try to set a goal for the entire winter season—it could be running a marathon or just losing a few inches. “Make sure that it is achievable and measurable. For example, if you can do 10 push-ups now, set a goal for 20 push-ups by the end of one month. This is both measurable and achievable,” Bathla explains.3. Look For A Partner Or A Group© SHUTTERSTOCKThere is nothing like having a partner , a group or a personal trainer to workout with. Bathla says this will keep you motivated and increase your efforts while training. You will be more likely to stick to a schedule and have a better time while working out. If you don’t have a workout buddy and can’t afford a personal trainer, you can definitely join a group class. There are so many options available out there today including yoga, pilates, running and biking groups.4. Go Outdoors© SHUTTERSTOCKWorking out outdoors in the winter is always advised because, as Bathla says, “It helps you burn more calories as the body has to work harder to maintain body temperature. Also, getting some fresh air is good for your mind, as well.”5. Stay Hydrated© SHUTTERSTOCKMake sure to drink enough water even when it’s cold. “It is very easy to get dehydrated in winters as it is harder to notice when you’re thirsty,” the fitness coach reminds us. We may be sweating but the body temperature is not too hot. Load up on water before starting a workout and carry a water bottle with you. A good rule, according to Bathla, is to have at least 3-4 cups of water during your workouts.6. Longer Warm-ups

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