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We also play among competition. We are in the
game of winning new business. Profitable business should be our Wildly
Important Goal (WIG) – if we achieved a lot of other things
(productivity, revenue, retention, global presence) but not this, none of it
would matter. Execution against strategy consistently is the key. Consistency
comes from goal alignment, clarity, commitment, teamwork and an attitude to
clear roadblocks to achieve the goals.

The architecture of every company should be
in place. It should have four vertical pillars (Industry verticals) and three
horizontal pillars (service lines) supporting the four vertical pillars. On top
of it sit our demanding clients. They are constantly watching us, and we must
consistently execute. It is time for all of us to find those execution cracks –
Delivery slippages, quality challenges, lowered productivity, ambiguity
resulting in loss of business et al. All we need is accountability on the goals
and big mind to help each other which is called imagination to clear the
roadblocks to succeed.  Here are some ways to achieve excellence in

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Discipline 1: Structures and processes may
serve as the means to achieve targets. However, high performing organizations
such as ours need to constantly support execution and should
always involve their employees in decision making. Aligning to the
organization’s goal is fundamental for execution excellence. A complete buy in
of the plan is essential for execution. There is a need to demonstrate
reliability and dependency through excellence in execution. Execution that is
orchestrated by well aligned, fully bought in teams.


Discipline 2: Delays and missing deadlines
cost the company dearly. Forecasting delays and potential misses on deadlines
is critical as we cannot do anything once the deadlines are missed. They are
called lead indicators. Identifying and managing the lead
indicators is the job of every member of the firm. The lead indicators
help predict outcomes consistently.

Discipline 3: Score-boarding is another
ingredient to watch the way ahead, which in turn creates the required positive
environment for goal achievement. Decision making when participative creates
higher accountability.

Discipline 4: To attain exceptional
organizational performance, collective accountability is
essential. Whether it is financial performance or highly engaged workforce,
each one of us has a

role to play to make it happen. The culture
of accountability starts with oneself – thinking and acting
daily, understanding opportunities and helping overcome obstacles. 

Putting it all together, identifying
the most important goal that matters to our clients and us, identifying those
lead indicators that gives us the sense of weekly progress and staying
accountable to each other is the ask of the hour as we move forward as a
winning organization and successful strategy making.

We need to focus on Excellence in Execution.
Wildly Important Goal achievements are based on excellence in execution and not
just on outstanding strategies.

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