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We don´t want to deny their believes, the violence
that a kid has to go through after these accusations deserves greater attention
from our governments. Local and international as well as the non?governmental organizations (NGOs)

addition, awareness-raising about child abuse, engagement and dialogue with
churches, communities, politicians, and traditional and religious leaders is also
necessary to counter the negative consequences of beliefs in witchcraft and to
provide a better understanding of children’s rights (DeFraia, 2012) (UNICEF,
2010). TO build a dialogue with the community can help reduce these acts.

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The increased
global awareness of the problem will eventually lead to more initiatives to
assist victims. In the meantime, awareness and prevention campaigns,
conferences and theological education with support of religious leaders and politicians,
human rights organizations should be addressed

Further solutions:

Prohibit by law the exorcism out of government criteria, this means that
government would be the only authorized to practice an exorcism (independently
of their believes) this will help educate the family of accusator and in case
they still ask for a solution, government will be encharged of not harming the

Develop mechanisms and criteria to determine the best interest of
children about temporary placement, family reintegration and permanency


If any pastors charges for an exorcism or practices the exorcism he
would be in prison.

Also To strengthen vulnerable families with social protection, providing
them with access to basic health and education services.

To reduce poverty and any economic factor that can induce children to be
appointed as witchcraft. The increase of support services for abandoned
children they should not be isolated or have the stigma because of any
accusation of witchcraft on their backs, build safe spaces for them to be
sheltered and recovered and eventually reintegrate them to society.

Develop reintegration strategies that include an anti?stigma component. 

Work with families and communities to fight stigmatization and ensure
that children can return home in safety. Promote the role of health
professionals in protecting children accused of witchcraft. Assess risks
associated with the children’s return to their family and community.

Access and quality of health services. Improve the capacities of health
workers and the availability and quality of health services to reduce the belief
in witchcraft as a cause of illness. Provide public health education on the
most common diseases, such as malaria, AIDS, cancer and diabetes. Promote
deliveries in hospitals or health centers. Promote access to the legal system
for children accused of witchcraft

Laws must be changed to decriminalize witchcraft in this way children
won´t be accused and he will not have consequences with law. Create laws that
start prosecuting people that harm or abuse children that includes authorities,
religious leaders and healers. The creation of a legal system to protect these

To consider as overall legal reform
to allow legal access for children accused of witchcraft to the legal
protection when been accused of witchcraft. Some actions to be considered to
improve access to justice for children accused of witchcraft are:

Allow a legal reform to
decriminalize witchcraft, emphasize the prosecution of persons criminalizing
them and give resources for special protection to these children in contact
with the law. Laws allowing the prosecution of persons who accuse, and harm
children, including religious leaders and traditional healers and other “authorities”
involved in practices hostiles for the children, will allow for a stronger
response by the legal system, along with specific campaigns to change the law
governing witchcraft, reform efforts should also promote child friendly justice
systems that are in line with international standards. Any infraction should be
punished through official legal proceedings

the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European
Union became directly binding on all EU Institutions and Member States. Article
24 of the Charter explicitly deals with the rights of the child and states:

Children will have the right to protection and care if necessary to meet
their rights. They may express themselves freely. Their views will be considered
no matter their age and maturity.

all actions concerning children, no matter public authorities or private
institutions, must consider the child’s best interests at first.

Every child shall have the right to maintain on a regular basis a
personal relationship and direct contact with both his/her parents, unless that
is contrary to his or her interests. 

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