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Walmart consists of several
departments, and these departments function according to the product portfolio.
Different departments of the company are integrated with each other due to
implementations of an integrated system. For Instance, each department of the
company is linked with vendors to share the strategic business planning
process. It helps different departments to work together and come up with
decisions, which are in the best interest of the company. For Instance, marketing departments, due to a
computerized system, share the sales customer trends and buying behavior of
customers in the market with the procurement department, and in the end, both
departments make effective decisions to sustain the business for a long
run.  The Wal-Mart company is organized
with 36 departments, which offer a wide range of merchandizes. Prominent
departments regarding products are sports, jewelry, health, food, apparel and,
automotive equipment’s and technology. On the other hand, In the Value chain marketing
& sales, human resource, supply chain
management with its inbound and
outbound logistics and administrations are integrated within the Firms Infrastructure in a efficient way
where primary and support activities compliment each other and make each of
these segments successful. 

Marketing department
execute the integrated marketing communication strategies to retain client
satisfaction. The sales departments confirms the sales record and deliver
planning schedules to suppliers to make best sales planning and avoid over and
under stocking. The human resource department hires only those employees who
have higher expertise and contributes best knowledge into organization
projects. The supply chain manages the inventory and supplies to meet customer
demand accordingly and maximize the level of output success. At last
administrative department confines the firm infrastructure and dominate the
higher performance to avoid uncertainties.

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When these departments
make decisions, these are quite triggered by the main business goals and
objectives. Actually, it is a great contribution in the company’s success, and
the management of the company is intending to sustain this collaborative
decision-making process in an effective and lucrative manner (Bradley, Ghemawat, & Foley, 2002).

In addition, all
decisions are interrelated in this company due to the culture of collaborating
and coordination. The example of interrelation can be observed in the company through
many aspects. The marketing department of the company contains the effective
marketing intelligence derive the customer insights. When the department knows
the customer perceptions and trends in the market, it shares it with the human
resource department, in the result, some appropriate strategies or decisions
are made to share the employee behaviors and traits to meet the expectations of
customers in the competitive retail market (Yoffie & Slind, 2007).

Thus, due to these
interrelated decisions, the success can be ensured because the company can
manage to come up with some exceptional retail outputs, which can satisfy the
customers. Furthermore, concerning the success, the interrelated decisions of
these departments enable the long-term business sustainability in the competitive
retail market. The growth rate of the company in the new market can be
increased with market-oriented decisions made by these departments. It ensures
the overall growth and success of the company.

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