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Voltaire was against religious intolerance in France, and wrote a poem called Henriade, which was in honor of Henry IV, who ended the persecution of French protestants.

In this time,  Russo-Persian War is ending, slavery is being abolished in Russia. Although he was sentenced to prison twice, and temporarily exiled from England, Voltaire had good beliefs because his writings criticized religious dogma, and he believed in freedom of speech, and separation of church and state.Voltaire believed if there was only one religion in England, there would be danger of despotism, if there were two, they would be constantly fighting each other, but because there’s thirty different religions, they all live in peace. His affirmation of the principle of religious freedom eventually found its way to the United States Constitution, where today it gives everybody the freedom to have any religion they want, or not have one at all.

Voltaire was believed strongly in the freedom of speech. He Criticized the government so much that he was sent to prison twice. In 1733, he wrote letters concerning the English nation, then he wrote about the French nation in 1734, and in those letters, he said he wished he would be able to publish papers without having any danger for what he said. For some of his other writings, he published them anonymously, and even made up names, but his writings would still get censored, banned, or even burned by the French government. Voltaire believed in the separation of the church and the state. He said if there was only one religion, ruling the country, then there would be the danger of despotism.

It would cause people of other religions to be criticized for what they believed in, and would cause great controversy throughout the country. The people of other religions would not feel welcome being a part of the country. Voltaire was in trouble with the French government many times, but it was because he was criticizing religious dogma, believed in the freedom of speech, and the separation of church and state. His actions impacted how the United States Constitution, which other countries also took inspiration from.

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