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Vocab Story”The government has given us the all clear on the austere mission. To paraphrase it, Snake, you and your mentor, The Boss are assigned to go to Russia in order to recover a piece of the triforce.””The triforce?” I asked.”Without making it so redundant, the triforce is three pieces of what is basically a map of the most important soviet bases, from important research basses to extremely important military and government stations. On top of that, the soviet union and china stored around one hundred billion dollars into the triforce, along with blueprints of advanced weapons and machinery. And because of this, the United states has been trying to recover all three pieces, getting the triforce would turn the tide of the cold war, we could easily win against the soviet union with that kind of information. Though because it’s so valuable the soviets split the triforce into three pieces, the information could only be accessed if one had all the pieces. The U.S. trying to get this information only enhanced their security on the triforce, which is why we are sending you and the boss.” “So just a quick run down”, I said trying to get the gist of my mission, “is to infiltrate a soviet base with the boss, and recover a piece of the triforce, so that way it won’t be deleterious to us.” “Correct, in fact the U.S. already has one piece, though we have been unsuccessful in getting any of the other pieces because they stepped up their defense game once they discovered one piece was already taken.””How do you know where the second piece is?” I asked. “A pow, an officer compiled and told us all he knew, in exchange that we absolve him, and extenuate  his prison time. This mission is extremely important, so you must keep this very secretive and not act to ostentatious before you set off to russia.””Understood.” I replied. I stood up saluted the captain, and left the office. Later that week I was given a rundown on the mission, where it was, what time we were leaving, information about the soviet base, and etc. Another week after that, The boss and I boarded an an airplane and set off to russia.”Date August 24, 1964 middle of the cold war. The boss and I are on our way to russia, we have been tasked with an extremely important and covert mission, operation triforce recovery. The triforce has enthralled the U.S.  Not even my task unit knows I’m going on this mission, The boss, america’s greatest agent and my mentor will be backing me up on this mission. Since I was voted the best agent in my task force, force operation x or fox for short, the head of the government decided that me and the boss were the best agents for this assignment. Currently 200 miles away from the ao. With the boss and my skills, the government thinks our preeminent skills would make us successful in this dangerous operation. Though our skills do exade, the way the pow described the base, made this mission sound extremely futile. Though we have never failed a mission, and I don’t intend on doing so. End of log.”

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