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            Virtual University of Pakistan MC170402747Fall 2017Assignment No: – #3 Subject: –                                        Business Communication (ENG 301)  Q1.As the Sales Director of Sapphire & Co, write a circular letter to introduce yournew Allama Iqbal Town branch to your customers.

                                                        Solution:-Dated: Januarythirty, 2018                                                                                                         Circular                                          Gap a ReplacementBranch     Dear Customers, Take our sensible desires. we have a tendency toinvariably attempt our greatest to achieve our product to your destination. Totake place this objective, we’ve been gap new branch throughout the month. Thistime, we have a tendency to happy to tell you that a replacement branch is tobe open at Allama Iqbal city, Lahore. This new branch can supply some new and rarecollections at the side of the product on the market to different branches.

Inour new branch, you may get common fraction discount for initial initial week.The official gap of our new branch can surface on Sunday, February eleven,2018.Hopeyou may give us complete support to supply you additional convenience. With best desires Sales DirectorSapphire& Co.     Q2. Match the special terms formeetings in column A with their definitions in column B and write the correctdefinitions in column C.

  Solution:-                                                                Special terms for conferences and Committee: Sr. No. Column A Column B Column C 1 Advisory The person appointed to represent someone who cannot attend  Submitting suggestions or recommendation to an individual or body entitled to hold out choices and actions. 2 Agenda The proposal on any matter of business requiring a decision The list of things to be handled at a gathering meeting.

3 Apologies In their absence If any member cannot attend a board meeting they must formally apologize in advance. 4  Ex officio   Submitting suggestions or advice to a person or body entitled to carry out decisions and actions Someone who sits on a committee or attends a gathering owing to their workplace or role – e.g. the senior worker. 5 Motion To pass on a task or responsibility To pass away a task or responsibility. 6 Nem con Someone who sits on a committee or attends a meeting because of their office or role – e.

g. the senior employee The proposal on any matter of business requiring a call. 7 Proxy The list of items to be dealt with at a meeting The person appointed to represent somebody who cannot attend.  8 Convene If any member can’t attend a committee meeting they should formally apologise in advance To decision a gathering.

9 Delegate To call a meeting To pass away a task or responsibility. 10 In Absentia No one disagreeing In their absence.

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