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Violence against Women Worldwide:Women worldwide are inexorable, meritorious, invincible and more gracious. Each and every woman is the pride of the nation. The word feminist has quite a few definitions but any strong woman who fights for her right in our society is actually a feminist. Around the globe, women have battled against all odds to gain equal rights in different facets of our society. Every woman is an inspiring soul to the world, but there comes a time where she becomes a victim of violence. Violence against women embodies itself in, physical, sexual, emotional, psychological and economic abuse at home, office or at any other private or public space. Violence in no way is acceptable, in specific domestic violence cannot be accepted even as a nightmare. A heartbreaking truth as per the United Nations report is that globally, one in three women have suffered physical or sexual intimate partner violence at some point in their lives.Domestic abuse by a partner makes women suffer psychologically a fear of seclusion from own family, deterioration in the health condition as an outcome of abuse and from a doting mother to a destitute mom at least for certain period until she gains her source of income. Economic violence is the most traumatic form of abuse that happens in the intimate partner relationship and this thwarts the blossoming of every woman globally. Domestic Violence & Economic violence – Entangled  : In India as per the NCRB report majority of crimes against women were reported under ‘Cruelty by Husband or His Relatives (32.6%)’. A fear is instilled in the minds of the victim by the intimate partner either by gaining control over physically or economically,  which leaves no choice for women other than being a victim of the abuse. A delusive myth of our society and mostly economic dependency are the main reasons for women to be a silent victim in their monstrous relationship.  Source : NCRB Economic violence is one of the worst forms of abuse where women are controlled and intimidated by the intimate partner for money and being aggressive in blocking economic resources.This controlling behavior on education, employment, health, meeting with the family, engaged in social media or any social activities of the intimate partner develops psychological stress on women. In the few cases where women become ineffectual, her partner tries to exploit her economic resource. As per the  United Nations study research indicates in certain cases of working women cost of violence affects directly their paid working hours which amounts to 2 percent of the global gross domestic product(GDP).In Canada the amount is calculated at $1.6 billion, in America, it’s around $5.8 billion, in England and in wales domestic violence costs around $32.9 billion.In India women have to lose an average of five paid work days for every incident of domestic violence on an average 25 percent is reduced from the salary. The Most Dynamic Power of the Law : A woman first needs to have a basic knowledge of the judicial laws in their own country. This helps them to realize their own rights and value. In India woman who is entangled in an abusive relationship and is the victim of the domestic violence has to first realize the importance of “The protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005″ where women are protected in every aspect by the law.Women can report any form of violence by an intimate partner with police. If any sort of fear then there is protection officer mostly women officers are appointed in every district who can record the domestic incident report and file to the Magistrate and then the same will be forwarded to the concerned police officers.In addition, the officer can also help the victim by getting them medically examined, shelter home or any counseling if required.Women who are affected by the intimate partner violence can get the following relief orders as part of the Act to ensure the safety of the women :Ø  Residence Order:Women with a residence order cannot be thrown out of her husband or in-laws house as she has the matrimonial rights in the house.Ø  Monetary reliefs :This order covers up for the losses the women have suffered and any medical expenses to be taken care by the partner.Also,  in addition,  the maintenance for the victim and her children  has to be borne by the male partner.Ø  Custody order :The aggrieved person can gain the custodial rights of her children if her intimate partner is abusive and violent and in any way harmful to the children .Ø  Domestic violence  maintenance:Women are entitled to ask for the compensation from her abusive husband for the damages and injuries caused by her abusive partner also for the emotional distress and mental torture she had endured.  v  In cases of financial negligence from the intimate partner,  the victims can make use of Maintenance Act, 125 which is another separate act to protect the basic financial requirement of women and her kids.Though ” The protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005″ was enacted but was active only in the past few years still women do not have much knowledge of the act and their benefits.Women have to understand the seriousness of her life and about the secured future of children instead of being ignorant of her own constitutive rights, as rightly quoted:”Ignorance of the law is no excuse”.Few laws to safeguard women :Ø  National Commission for Women Act, 1990 (20 of 1990)Ø  Human Rights Act, 1993 (with Amendment Act, 2006Ø  The Tamil Nadu State Commission for Women Act Stay  healthy to nail your goal :Women who experience economic violence by their intimate partner also are at a risk of health related problems. Every woman should take a proper care of her health, the most value for every human being in this world.As per the women’s health report who experience domestic violence  face major health related problems like unwanted pregnancy, pelvic pain, migraine, heart problems, sexual problems, trouble sleeping and pathetically the list goes on. Women who are victim or survivor of intimate partner violence also go through a lot of psychological issue like depression, anxiety.The kids who witness such violence at home have a fear is infused in their minds and may develop a violent nature.Women need not be in fear or be ashamed to reach out for help. Only in cases where women don’t raise a voice and be a silent victim convince yourself your partner’s violent behaviour everything goes wrong.The reach out for help may prevent any sort of mental or physical health problems for women. Every human being has right to live life with full liberty, free from any form of violence or torture, to express own thoughts, right to choose education and choice of occupation. The basic human right is even at times denied for women across the globe.Women by birth are strong and bold in nature but violence is the encumbrance for their accomplishment.Life may not be the same always there would be many stumbling blocks no matter what women need an uprising of mind and heart.Every woman whether a victim of intimate partner violence or not should be financially independent.Women who are victims of intimate partner violence  should be astute and need to have a check on the following :  Ø  To be safe and then save.Ø  Any debt by her or her spouse,  if so check out for the cash flow and work on to clear the same.Ø  If denied of any economic source educate yourself, reach out to various Ngo or women- centric organizations learn and earn.Ø  Save your earnings and secure your hard earned moneyØ  Be an women everyone looks upto.Be spunky Be cheeky Be sassy.Schemes by Government :To safeguard the victim :Any women around the globe to leave an abusive relationship is hard but there are a  lot of ground realities tied to her future and safety of kids.When women become a prodigy of knowledge of their own rights and source, along with skill development, they can attain economic emancipation.Once women find a way for economic emancipation it will be gradually developed into women empowered society.Around the globe, there are various schemes by the government and assistance from the police team and by the law to protect the victims of intimate partner violence.The only problem is women to reach out for help.Never feel ashamed and be silent nothing is wrong with  getting help.If your partner has turned into an abusive partner let it go there are other fantabulous people around the world.In India government has introduced various schemes to protect women from any form of violence.Women who suffer violence by her intimate partner can reach out to any women police station or call helpline 1091. Women who is are victim of domestic violence have a fear to approach police station or lawyers in some cases the medical evidence gets destroyed due to lack of knowledge or threat by the perpetrators.There are few initiatives by Government to help and secure women from violence :Ø  One-stop centre : A new initiative by the Government to help victims of violence.This centre provides medical, legal, police, psychological counseling and also provides shelter homes to women who are in need. Ø  Any emergency or non emergency situation there is a universalisation of women helpline 181 to report any form of violence.Ø  To more simplify reach out #HelpMeWCD tweet to @MinistryWCD where women or any of her friend, relative or neighbor can report the incident.Ø  There is She-box an online portal to help women file complaint about  any harassment in the  office. Economic emancipation a bridge to Women Empowerment : A woman who is fatalistic should have the quest to be financially independent who were vulnerable for certain period in life due to intimate partner violence. In many cases for most of the woman life has been an arduous journey but a woman must be educated about their right to live majestically and be resplendent in her own way. Women survivors of domestic violence have to equip themselves productively and learn any technical or non-technical skills and enhance the knowledge. Once a decision is made nobody can stop women from her victory.Women are more creative and artistic and this can enrich their lives and a support can be provided to any other women who is a survivor or victim of intimate partner violence. Women are in nature beautiful souls and the love for their intimate partner can be boundless but when this lovable journey turns into an abusive relationship it’s painful.Around the globe lot of initiatives and financial support are provided for women to empower themselves for a better living.It is the revolution century and women are achieving in every field of work. Women around the globe are breaking all stereotypes and economic emancipation is possible for women through entrepreneurship.Any spark of a small idea may change the entire life.There are few inspirational women who broke all the gender-based stereotypes and are now an inspiration to every woman. Ø  Pamela Taylor co-founder of Dress for Success a non profit which helps disadvantaged women build skills to get jobs. Ø  A child bride, victim of a terrific abusive relationship turned to one of the best selling author – Baby HalderAround the globe women are supported by the UN, world bank and various other organizations to make the world a better place for women.One of the sustainable goal of the UN is to end all forms of violence against women and promote the empowerment of women.An arising Mutiny of Women dynamism : To all the magnificent women in this world be strong, refrain, empower, mould yourself and become a revolutionist.Women need to have a zest for life and believe yourself and raise your voice when needed.Women must be intellectual to understand the situation protect themselves from any harm, educate yourself by using any of the available training programs, brace up and prevent the violence. In India, there are various women empowerment schemes introduced by the government.Ø  Support to Training and Employment Programme for Women (STEP) Ø  Mahila E-HaatØ  Women Helpline SchemeØ  SWADHAR Greh (A Scheme for Women in Difficult Circumstances) Ø  Mahila police Volunteers Ø  Beti Bachao Beti Padhao SchemeØ  Mahalir Thittam  v  Many NGOs helping survivors of domestic violence to walk out of an abusive relationship and be financially independent like AZAD foundation, Ashraya Women’s Centre.Conclusion : Ø  Women need to have  a realization and then become a sensation.Ø  Women are dreaming of a world where she can be free from violence, be  independent and no need to jot down #metoo instead its all about #free too.Ø  Women has to be educated about various support system by Governement and help from NGOs that are transforming lives of millions of women around the globe.Ø  Social media is of great help at various disastrous period the TamilNadu government can introduce a special account in twitter with hashtag where women or anyone  could easily report of any violence.Ø  The One-stop centre by Central Government in India is set up in Chennai this centre could be expanded to other districts in TamilNadu.Ø  An increase in number of Protection Officer and their availability to help the victims would make a great impact in their life and society.Ø  The courts could expedite the trial process for Domestic violence since the victim would be under lot of stress.Ø  Women need to try their best not to lose hope and be optimistic.At times of suffering reach out any NGOs or organization that can help to enhance knowledge,skills and become financial independent.

Women can turn up to an entrepreneur any small or big business, services on her own.Women can educate themselves and try to create own startup based on their interest.

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