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video games are hardly ever built in a00:02consistent manner instead creative teams00:04of up to 200 people jump back and forth00:06between different stages of the00:08development process and often entirely00:10different companies are tasked with00:12handling certain components like00:14multiplayer in general however the game00:17development process starts and ends with00:19a number of particular phases the first00:21stage is the brainstorming phase in00:23which various creative and design00:25directors decide what kind of game they00:27will make here are some popular game00:29genres which can be blended together00:36developers are limited by the technical00:38specifications of the particular00:40platform their game is being created for00:43the engine is the most important00:45component of the game it compiles code00:47and visual assets Phase two is the00:49pitching phase a couple of documents are00:52presented to the game publishers00:53detailing concepts fleshed out in stage00:55one independent valves usually pitch00:57their game ideas to the public in order00:59to raise money generally through the01:01help of websites like Kickstarter if01:03approved and funded the game is taken01:05into the third stage story development01:07and concept art in this stage visual01:10artists are tasked with gathering01:11reference material and designing the01:13look and feel of the game world within01:15the boundaries set by the script writers01:17it is here that various game designers01:19can see if their ideas will work in01:21practice in stage 4 concept art is01:24translated into the digital space01:25together with professional level01:27designers 2d and 3d artists both01:29everything the player will see motion01:31capture technology is currently being01:33used to create more realistic animations01:35and performances with the help of famous01:37actors characters and settings are often01:39made by multiple people somers model01:42while others texture rig and light voice01:45acting runs in correlation with the01:47space programmers are given 2d and 3d01:49assets as they are built to make sure01:51they function within the game engine in01:53Phase five writing thousands of lines of01:55code to allow players to interact with01:57them artists animators and programmers01:59work together to ensure their game is02:01responsive as well as visually02:03captivating in Phase six devs privately02:06or publicly share alpha and beta02:08versions of their game gathering02:09feedback and bug reports which02:11can fix before release and use to make02:13sure everything is as engrossing and02:15compelling as possible once completed02:18the games assets and code are sent off02:20to be printed on disks and distributed02:22to retail stores across the globe or02:24release digitally game trailers are02:26featured online along with physical02:28advertisements and marketing campaigns02:29the final stage of game development02:31regards updates and patches to fix more02:34bugs and glitches as well as either paid02:36or free story based or multiplayer02:38downloadable content to key players02:40enjoying the game a couple years after02:42release and that concludes this02:44breakdown of the video game development02:46process thanks for watching

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