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Victoria Skillane woke up with a bandage on her wrist and
pills scattered on the floor. She’s having headache and can’t remember
anything.  While she’s trying to figure
out what happened she saw an unknown symbol on TV screens. Then she found a
picture of her and a man named Iain Rannoch. On the side of their picture is a
photo of a little girl named Jemima Sykes. She claimed that the little girl on
the picture is her daughter. She went outside still trying to figure out what
happened and seeking for help. People ignored her instead they just took a
video of her. Until there’s a man came and trying to shoot her. She run as fast
as she could and people just following her while taking a video of her. Then
She met Jem and Damien. They supposed to help Victoria.  Damien catch a gunshot so they decided to
leave him. Jem explained to her that those people is controlled by a signal from
the “White Bear” transmitter. Jem’s plan was to destroy the White Bear
transmitter. They headed to the compound where White Bear transmitter is
located.  Jem tried to burn the
transmitter but two hunters came and attack them. She get the gun from the
attacker and pull the trigger but it’s just 
a confetti. After that, the walls opened. The two hunters and Jem bowed.
It was just part of a stage play. Not just a simple stage play but a daily
punishment for her. They forced Victoria to sat on the chair and strapped her
wrist. Then a man started talking in front. She learns that her name is
Victoria Skillane and the man he saw on the picture is Iain Rannoch, her
fiancée. And the little girl in the picture that she thought her daughter,
named Jemima Sykes. Jemima was abducted by Iain and Victoria. The symbol that
she saw on the television is Iain’s tattoo. White Bear transmitter is named
after Jemima’s teddy bear.  People used
phone to record a video just like what Victoria did while Iain tortured Jemima.
Iain commits suicide in cell while Victoria have to undergo for the daily
punishment in the “White Bear Justice Park.” In order to do that they parade
Victoria while going back to her house and place electrodes on her head to
forget everything.

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