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Victor Hugo said, ” Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” Spring in E major is composed by Antonio Vivaldi on of the most famous composers during the Baroque era. Vivaldi wrote Spring is the first concerto in one of his most famous works called Four Seasons. Spring is still used today in movies and was a favorite of the aristocrats in particular King Louie XV. For the upper class this music piece helped them escape their reality and transport them into a more mesmerizing world. Spring is the first movement in ritornello form a new flexible style of writing music. Shifting from soft to loud back to soft helps depict a picture of birds flying in a clear sky then being chased by thunder storms and final returning when the thunder clouds have disappeared.

To help better explain Spring Vivaldi wrote a poem in the margins to insure that their is no confusion on what he is trying to express. With an era of new discoveries in science, mathematics and other academia Spring has changed the focus from lyrics to mainly instruments expressing how the composer feels and creating an image in the audiences minds. Vivaldi’s Four Season and Spring help inspire new style of music and composers. Using Spring Vivaldi drew more attention to the new style of composing concerto and moved music away from the more religious and choral way of preforming. The Barque era created more attention to this new style of performing along with operas and other ways of preforming music. Vivaldi being one of the most Baroque era composers help path the way of a new type of music called program music which wouldn’t be created until the romantic era.

Through experimentation and innovation Vivaldi’s Spring was able to captivate  audience across the ages and inspire new styles of music.  Before the Baroque era Renaissance music was focused on singers being backed up by instruments. The genre of music was largely influenced by religion. As new ideas began to grow out of science and math so did music. Instead of focusing on vocalist composers began to focus on instruments but in the early years of Barque music it was still seen more important to focus on vocalist. As time went on in the later years of the Barque era it was seen to have just instruments as it was to have vocalist at this time is when Spring was introduced.  Spring has three movements starting fast moving to a slower section and finally moving to a faster section.

For the first and last movement it is written in ritornello form. Both the the first and last movements shift from soft to loud creating terrace dynamics. In the middle movement after the ritornello it shifts to the violin, string orchestra, and basso continuo. Shifting from the concerto grosso containing the violinist and tutti of the string orchestra and basso continuo. With this combination Spring is able to  challenge his audience to picture a spring coming with birds singing a soft song that are chased by a spring time storm and finally returning air after the storm has passed.  Part one of the ritornello is played is perfect example on how terrace dynamics creating an image for the audience. Shifting from soft to loud creates a sense that the audience can follow.

  The first movement has melodic sequence with the notes starting off loud being respected and played softer, the more it is played the softer the notes get. The first part of the ritornello is a perfect way to set a scene of spring coming from the melting snow of winter and it then transitions to the violin soloist.  The violist are playing trill notes that are close tighter which mimics the sound of a bird song. This gives the audience an imagine of flowers blooming with small birds moving from their nest and singing a soft song. The violinist do this by playing trill notes close together.

Then it moves to the second part of the ritornello with the orchestra playing fast moving 16th notes. Hear he is attempting to get the audience to picture a running stream. As it continues the violinist use a technique called tremble that mimics the sound of thunder clouds chasing the birds off. It then goes back to the firs part in the ritornello with soft sound birds returning after the storm.  Part one and two the ritornello are a perfect example of terrace dynamics and how to use it to help your audience imagine the picture you are trying to convey.  Moving from the soft notes of the violinist to the much louder orchestra tells the story spring time. To insure that everyone would understand this Vivaldi wrote a poem in the margins of the work.

He doesn’t have a vocalist sing the poem but instead wrote it in the margins making The Four Season and Spring program music. This is something that help push Barque music away from the traditional Renaissance music.  Spring uses the ritornello form which is applied to any of Vivaldi music is something that help the Classical and Romantic era of music. With this flexible style of forming music the Classical and Renaissance era of music was able to adopted and ultimately further expand on it creating new styles of form music. The Four Seasons and Spring is something new to world at its time being on of the first pieces of program music.

Program music is something that had not been invented until the romantic period. Vivaldi help inspire a new type of music including not only a poem for Spring but for all of the four movements in the four seasons. Vivaldi was often criticized for his programatic music because it is said that most of  his musics sounds the same.  This new way of writing music is something different from what has been done before its time. Vivaldi was trying to create a story that his music was portraying and in doing so he was pushing the boundaries with this new form of music. Through.

His experimentation he was able to not only fret something new but also insider other composers like Johan Sebastian Bach. He inspired Bach to try new techniques motivating him to write a number of concerti on keyboard instruments. This type of innovation helps inspire other generation of artist to creat new techniques and styles further contributing to the music world.

Vivaldi’s Spring being part of  the Four Seasons not only had a historical impact but a cultural impact moving music away from religious and choral style used in the Renaissance ad Middle Ages.  Italian composers were paving a new era in music history called the Baroque era. Interested in the more expressive style of the Baroque style of music italian composers began to focus on using new instruments and moving away from he uses of lyrics and purely instruments. Fascinated by the expressive ability of instruments italian composers wanted to tap into a new style of music.

Vivaldi and the Four Seasons with Spring help bring more attention to this style. Spring was on the most popular pieces in Barque history because of how the violin was used to express the feeling of spring. The new form ritornello combined with the violin help bring more attention to the concerto style of and make it more popular. Spring part of Vivaldi’s Four Season help create a new style of music. Vivaldi help inspire composers to use new styles of music like program music inspiring composers like Bach and future generations. With such a innovative style Vivaldi’s Spring is still used today to inspire new feeling from its audience and help push music away from the religious ad choral style of music that was used before. Bring more attention to expressive ability of instruments and how music cam be used to to only inspire new feeing but tell a story.


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