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Venezuela, once one of the most prosperous countries in the world with abundant crude oil, is now encountering one of the worst economic crisis in history. The citizens of Venezuela have been struggling for years from the ongoing catastrophe since President Maduro took charge in 2013. The country underwent its worst inflation rate of 652.7% last year, and is expected to hit over 2000% by the year 2018 (International Monetary Fund). By thrusting tsunamis of regulations, price controls and government takeovers, the government’s erosion of democratic rule has contributed greatly towards the unstable economy. Therefore, Venezuela’s government must be strong and capable in imposing law and order to secure the democracy of the country, the safety and well-being of its citizens, and to prevent mass refugee departure.Firstly, ever since the Maduro cabinet rose to power to succeed former Venezuelan president, Chavez, the crisis has only continued to intensify in the past few years. Although some argue that removing Maduro from Office is undemocratic, there will be more benefits from his impeachment. Venezuela will be better off without Maduro the dictatorial hold of power: His corrupt administration has thrown out countless attempts to disrupt the balance in the separation of powers. Specifically, when the opposition party won a majority in the 2015 National Assembly, Maduro reacted by loading up the Supreme Court with his supporters, aware that doing so would prevent his impeachment and rid the power to check the executive branch. This was followed by the suspension by the Supreme Court of 4 legislators in elections, 3 of whom were from the opposition party. Authorities stated, in their defence, that it was due to “alleged voting irregularities” (Al Jazeera), but many critics observed the unjustified premise, suspecting this to be a mere excuse to overpower the opposition. When the opposition formally made accusations of attempted subjugation, Supreme Court officials took over the National Assembly, and further declared all their verdicts to be invalid. This enraged citizens all over the country (BBC). Although the Supreme Court was quick to reverse their actions regarding their domination over the Congress and the National Assembly, this event manifests the immorality of the government. Furthermore, a recent election to create a Constituent Assembly in the legislative branch with the power to rewrite the Constitution suggested 545 of Maduro’s own supporters (Aleem). In an unofficial referendum, 7 million people reportedly voted against the idea of this new council further proving Maduro’s dictatorial position over the government as a whole. The actions of the current Venezuelan government displays the dangers of an autocratic ministry; it isn’t just breaking democracy, but a direct assault on the other governors, residents and even global citizens. As a democratic government that is sworn to prevent abuse of power and protect freedom for all, the Maduro administration can only be seen as immoral and neglectful of their duties. Another significant motive for a strong government replacement is the urgent need of the innocent citizens. We’ve seen it all over the media; the neverending lines at supermarkets, the violent protests, crowded but helpless hospitals. The reasoning is simple: the soaring inflation rate caused the lack of basic necessities in markets. This includes food, medicine and medical supplies. As a result, the percentage of malnourished Venezuelans have been rapidly increasing as it went from 11.3% to 32.5% ? nearly triple the amount ? in the course of one year (Doug). In addition, none of the international corporations are willing to trade with a nation filled with debts, causing domino effects throughout the daily lives of citizens. With company revenues deteriorating alongside the economy, Venezuelan GDP has been dropping by significant amounts. Unemployment rates at 17% and crime and death rates are at an all time high (IMF). The economic mismanagement of the government over the past few years has led to countless daily protests. Dedicated Maduro supporters claim that these demonstrations are unauthorized, cause unnecessary violence, and prevent peaceful negotiations (Melimopoulos). Resulting deaths have exceeded 100 as security and residents clashed in the streets. Hospitals also do not have medical supplies to treat the sick and injured as citizens are undertaking unimaginable suffering. This is a major indication that the government  must change in order to build a sustainable life. Last but not least, the crisis has continued to produce crowds of refugees. With all this chaos, the citizens of Venezuela desperately want to escape this situation, but they have nowhere to go; at least not legally. Many are forced to flee to neighbouring countries such as Columbia and USA. Venezuelans have even been listed as top asylum seekers in the United States in October 2017 with an overwhelming majority of 14,525 (Doug). More than 21,600 have submitted an asylum applications in the past year, which is 4 times the amount from 2015. With political tension on the rise, countries such as USA stated that the latest flood of immigrants could “risk local backlash” (Doug) and are not welcome in this current political state. This crisis leads to other conflicts and disturbs not only the citizens of Venezuela, but all around the world. A once-buoyant democracy has now demolished into a dictatorship, with the citizens of Venezuela, tired and battered from their battle with the unprecedented economic crisis. The public outcry for the government renewal is becoming frantic for the purpose of restoring a secure economy and democracy; in other words, the lack of action taken by the administration, desperate citizens and inadequate government all account for the need of a reinvigorated government. Millions of innocent lives are at stake as a result of corruption within the Maduro ministry. Without new authorities in charge, there will be no hope for the former wealthy country to bring its thriving past back to life.

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