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Value stands for the degree of importance of some thing or action, with the aim of determining what actions are best to do or what way is best to live, or to describe the significance of different actions.When you know your values, you can live a much happier life knowing what’s most important to you. Values are principles, beliefs, qualities, standards, concepts and ideas that you consider important and can be used to make everyday decisions. From early years my parents have taught me to value many things but sarcasm, honesty, and loyalty are three things I value most.My parents have always been funny and sarcastic and I think it’s one of my core values. For the past 20 years, researchers, psychologists to neurologists have been studying our ability to recognize  snarky remarks and gaining new insights into how the mind works.(10 Ways Sarcasm Makes You A Better Person ,12/02/15)Studies have shown that being exposed to sarcasm enhances creative problem solving. (11/04/16,The Science of Sarcasm? Yeah, Right.)The first reason I value sarcasm is that sarcasm may be a sign of good brain health, research shows that a little sarcasm can be a good thing when it comes to mental function. In fact, an inability to detect sarcasm may even be a sign of brain problems or disease(10 Ways Sarcasm Makes You A Better Person ,12/02/15). Another reason I value sarcasm is because you know how to deescalate an escalated a situation. But while conflict can arise with a sarcastic remark, being exposed to sarcasm can allow the person to find a solution to the problem. “Our studies show that, given the same content and tone, sarcasm expressed toward or received from someone we trust is less conflict provoking than sarcasm expressed toward or received from someone we distrust,” Francesca Gino, a behavioral scientist, wrote in Scientific American. (10 Ways Sarcasm Makes You A Better Person ,12/02/15).Lastly, I value sarcasm because it helps you pick friends. Sarcastic people tend to dish out their sarcasm more with their loved ones than anyone else. This makes it significant to be around people who appreciate your sarcastic sense of humor (which research shows is crucial to social connection)(11/04/16,The Science of Sarcasm? Yeah, Right.). “Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit but the highest form of intelligence,” wrote that connoisseur of wit, Oscar Wilde. Sarcasm can only be taken the wrong way when one party doesn’t understand sarcasm themselves. My parents taught to be loyal to my partners, to be loyal to family and to be loyal to myself. Loyalty is not something that necessarily comes easy, you must work at it. It all comes down to the fact that values make us who we are. Values must be structured, consistent and practiced to be legitimate. Practice makes perfect and being loyal to your values helps build and maintain your character.  The first reason I value loyalty is you’ll be quicker to act when it comes to doing the right thing. Being loyal means sticking up for what’s right. The second reason is you’re more likely to be treated with loyalty, as well people will respect you more. The last reason why I value loyalty is you’ll form deeper connections(Why Loyalty Is The Most Important Quality You Can Have, Kate Ferguson). Loyalty leads to feelings of security, which leads to better communication and deeper bonds with partners. Your loyalty should be something you give to others because you want to, not because you feel you have to.Honesty is the best policy as Arnold always says, so its one of my core values.It is perhaps the most important principle of leadership and dependent on integrity because it demands truthfulness and honesty.Integrity means telling the truth even if the truth is ugly. Better to be honest than to delude others, because then you are probably deluding yourself, too. The first reason I value honesty is people can’t read your mind. Being honest doesn’t just mean telling the truth about factual information, but also about the way you’re feeling. If you were hurt by something someone did, they may not even realise unless you are honest with them about how it affected you. The second reason is without honesty there is no foundation for a lasting or enjoyable relationship in any context, whether that be with a family member, friend or romantic interest. Honesty is a voice for love that builds trust(5 Reason why Honesty is Important,Trudy Adams). Lastly when people don’t know the truth, they will try and guess it. That is, not being honest about a situation or something that happened  people are going  to try and figure out what is not being said,or what the actual truth is. This causes many more people to feel hurt and betrayed when the truth is finally revealed, all of which could be avoided if honesty was applied in the first instance. Honesty is one of the key foundations in any relationship whether professional or romantic, being honest rather than being caught in a lie is better in any situation. Parents always teach you many  things. For example, to be honest, to be loyal to others and yourself. But, one thing I learned from my parents by watching them was sarcasm. It has been present in my life and it has become one of the things I value most. Another thing I was taught is to be honest; to myself, and to others. Loyalty is one of my best values and the one I use everyday. Values are important because they help us grow and develop.

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