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No: XX18-01

Title: HR Specialist

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Type: Full Time/Permanent


Company Background

is a leading medical devices manufacturer that has been present in Ireland
since 1990. Our Galway facility is a center
of excellence for the development of the company’s key medical cardiovascular
technologies. We manufacture more than 2 million life-saving devices a year, which are used worldwide.


Job Specification

As a specialist, you will manage your own client
portfolio and source the most suitable candidates. Entrepreneurialism is
encouraged, and you are free to work with a high degree of autonomy.

The scope of the role covers end-to-end recruiting
processes from HeadCount approval, defining profile requirements together with
hiring managers, managing relevant direct and in-direct sourcing in the
external marketplace, supporting assessment and selection of candidates and
handling complex offer negotiations at all levels in the organization.

Maintains organization staff
by establishing a recruiting, testing, and interviewing program; counselling managers on candidate
selection; conducting and analysing exit interviews; recommending changes.

 Candidate will have a full
accountability of the hiring process, in order to fill vacancies against time,
quality and service demands.

Maintains a pay plan by conducting periodic pay
surveys; scheduling and conducting job evaluations; preparing pay budgets;
monitoring and scheduling individual pay actions; recommending, planning,
and implementing pay structure revisions.

our Current specialist to manage the daily bookings from our clients for all
grades of staff

Run the allocated  recruitment
process  end to end, ensuring all stakeholders
both internal & external receive a first class recruitment experience

Ensure all paperwork is signed and
completed at interview stage / before the
applicant starts working

Maintains human resource staff by
recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees

Completes human resource operational
requirements by scheduling and assigning employees; following up on work

Maintains historical human resource
records by designing a filing and retrieval system; keeping past and current

Provide coaching, mentoring and
support to junior members of the team

professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops;
reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks;
participating in professional societies.

Ensures legal compliance by
monitoring and implementing applicable human resource federal and state
requirements; conducting investigations; maintaining records; representing the
organization at hearings.


Person & Competency Specification

degree, preferably in Human Resources Management or similar

qualified or working towards

of 3 years of relevant Recruitment experience

to interact with people from a variety of seniority, cultures and business

communication & organizational skills required in order to build strong
business relationships

in conducting  interviews and recruitment

Strong organisational
and project management skills with the ability to multi-task.

Capability to work under pressure and manage the
most challenging workloads.

Methods of Attracting Applications


Own Website
& externally)

The company’s career section on the website is the
easiest and most cost effective method
of advertising available positions. If the company has an internal website
for employee’s this is also a good place to advertise within the company. It
can also lead to employees informing people they know who may be interested.


a position on the company’s LinkedIn or social media accounts can advertise
to people who are specifically interested in the company.

Online Job’s Boards

on job’s boards is a popular method, targeting larger audiences and proving
to be very effective. Jobs specifications can be viewed by a larger volume of
people, however, there is a risk that
majority of people applying will not be suitable.

Recruitment Agencies

to recruitment agencies can take the majority
of the hard work and time required in recruiting away. Agencies handled the
process from advertising to screening
and shortlisting the best candidates interested in the role. However, this can be a costly method for some

Local & National Newspapers

may choose to advertise their position in papers, depending on the size of
the company and the position they are advertising.
Based on
the role they may use this method to target interested applicants.



Methods of Selecting Candidates


testing is a method used to evaluate candidates in areas such as aptitude
(verbal, numerical reasoning etc.)These tests inform employers in an accurate
report on the personality and traits of a candidate and if they have the
necessary capabilities to succeed in the role. These tests can be altered to
the position requirements. However psychometric testing is not always effective,
as many candidates chose and answer they believe the company is looking for
rather than staying true to themselves. It can also be an issue that
candidates will have people answer questions for them, which prevents the
employer gaining information about the candidate’s compatibility.


involves reviewing all candidates’ CV’s who applied for the position and
clear the primary requirement to proceed to
the next stage of recruitment.



process involves reviewing candidates CV’s who cleared initial CV screening
and narrowing down candidates to interview stage. This process can often
involve the hiring manger and the criteria they are looking for.


This can
be a beneficial selecting process as the hiring manager gets s to meet each
candidate face-to face. This can be an informal chat or a competency based
questions aimed at the role and the
candidate’s previous experience. This process can be the final decider for
the best candidate for the position.


Accenco Advertising Methods

HR team have analysed the various advertising methods available and have chosen
to go forward with the company website, LinkedIn and also online jobs boards.
This method target’s specifically interested candidates and is also a cost
effective. With regard to selecting interview
candidates, we will screen all candidates
CV’s after the application closing date.
After this, we will short list suitable
candidates to call forward to interview.





























Candidate Name:


Vacancy No:


Job Title:











candidate to the interview and introduce the interview panel. (Member of HR and
the hiring manager) As you are aware Accenco is a leading medical devices
manufacturer that has been present in Ireland since 1990. Our Galway facility
is a centre of excellence for the development of the company’s key medical
cardiovascular technologies. We are currently looking for a HR Specialist to
join our team, who will be responsible for the end-to-end recruiting processes
from Head Count approval, defining  profile requirements together with
hiring managers, managing relevant direct and in-direct sourcing in the
external marketplace, supporting assessment and selection of candidates and
handling complex offer negotiations at all levels in the organization.                                          Our interview today will be broken into two sections, firstly
we will go through your education and professional background and then secondly
we will move onto some competency based questions.


Can you describe your
educational background and how this has benefitted you in previous positions?












2. Could give us a quick overview of your previous experience to date?












3. Describe the HR functions that were under your leadership and control in your
most recent HR job?







4. Tell
me about a project that you led which went well?







Team Work

5. Can you provide an example
where you have proposed a new idea/solution
to overcome a problem or improve a







Can you think of a situation in which teamwork enhanced your ability to achieve
your goals or the results that were expected from you as an employee?








7. Did you participate
as a key player in your organization’s
strategic planning or senior management team? Probe – How did you see your








Customer Service & Communication

8. Can you tell me about a time where you had to deal with a difficult customer?
(Probe-How did you handle it? upon reflection is there anything you would have
done differently?)







9. Have you had a boss, in the past
fail to adequately communicate with you, how did you handled this?








How would you find out the priorities of your managers and senior managers for
the provision of HR services?







Strategic Planning

How did the HR function have an impact your organization’s strategic planning
in your last position?









Delivering Results

Can you describe a time you had to deliver results within a short deadline? (Probe-How
did you manage this? Were there any difficulties?)






How did you determine or contribute to determining the priorities for the
HR department in your most recent position?






Closing Interview

13. If you were successful and
secured this placement opportunity, when would you be available to start?





Do you have any questions for the interview panel?






Marking Scheme






























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