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v  The social media revolution has taken off in
recent year. This has caused some concerns to how businesses control and manage
information because it is so readily accessible on the world wide web for
everyone to view.


v  Perhaps information sharing is popular when
using all forms of social media outlets however within corporation’s we find
that with over two decades of surveying knowledge sharing within the
corporation studies show that individuals are very hesitant to share their
knowledge and skills with others causing information sharing within
corporations to fall below what’s expected.

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v  The social media revolution has been compared
to a leaky pipe. The comparison is based on the fact that millions of people
are sending Tweets, Snapchats, IM’s and Facebook post daily. The problem is the
information shared can be viewed by anyone not for a specific person or an
intended audience, information is shared quicker because of the use of social
media and its speed.


v  Social media is a form of communication that
is used regularly however there are some that are very apprehensive on using
any information found on social media because of the credibility of the
information provided whereas others tend to use social media to retrieve
helpful information and to share information as well.


v  While social media can be a helpful tool for
corporations to drum up new business the sharing of knowledge could potentially
cause other corporations to steal your ideas as well be considered as a crutch
causing individual to become lazy or capitalize based on someone else ideas or

History of the Topic: The social media

v  Although it has been said that social media
was around long before the 90’s we find some of our first chat rooms were
created starting between 1994-1997, around 1997 one of the first identifiable
sites was developed called (McFadden, Engineering and
Major, 2017).


v  Social media has become the catalyst that has
evoked an entirely new platform to deliver knowledge and information to the
masses. The internet and all forms of media performed on it is referred to as
the “Information Super Highway” because its known for its high-speed access in
all forms whether its via telephone or wireless communications, Corporations
and the public can capitalize using social media because it’s a form of
marketing your brand and sharing knowledge with others. (,




v  By the year 2000 it was estimated that 100
million people had some type of access to the internet. People began to
socialize quite frequently on the web. Later on, Myspace, Facebook and Twitter
graced the social media scene and a host of others followed. (History
Cooperative, 2017)


v  Corporations are benefiting from social media
because it sparks conversation between the consumer and the corporation. The
corporation can become apart of the conversation by listening to and reacting
to the voice of the people regarding new services or complaints. ultimately the
corporation is gaining exposure to places that they’d otherwise not have access
too and free advertising because if a customer loves the company its more than
likely that they’d recommend the company to a friend. (Bolsinger, 2017)


Impact on the Business:

The social media revolution article speaks to how knowledge is acquired
and shared throughout organizations and beyond, it also, point out how some
individuals are readily willing to share knowledge while other were ambivalent
to share knowledge that they’ve gained or already know. The web or social media
has had a profound effect on corporations and the public in how quick the
information is communicated. Social media is how we stay connected, often times
the information that gets disseminated via social media was meant to be shared
to a specific crowd however, because of social media and how fast information
is spread information that would otherwise be sealed with a watertight pipe
tend to follow through leaky pipes and spreads on a much larger scale.

The article compares the different ways that individuals can learn
within the organization to ordinary pipes. When we think of leaky pipes I think
it refers to indirect learning. Leaky knowledge can be very useful to the
organization because even though individuals are not learning directly from
communication, being able to see who other associates have communicated with
and the content of the communication help people obtain knowledge
(Leonardi,2014). The difference between leaky pipes is watertight pipes, this
method can pose a problem when it comes to sharing knowledge. The article
refers to a phone conversation as a watertight pipe because it would be hard
for an individual to obtain any concrete knowledge based on an individual
conversation because it would be impossible to gain insight.

The workforce has had an
influx of millennials, which is a person who was born in the 1980s or
1990s (, 2017). The onset
of a younger workforce introduces corporations to a wealth of knowledge. The
younger associates are far more advanced in technology than the older workforce
however they lack the drive and ambition that the older workforce poses. The
younger associates are more tech savvy and can learn in or outside a classroom
type setting. This spear headed a change in how new hire classes are taught
today. In former years you sat in a classroom and the instructor taught the
class. Today with the advancement of technology learning 2.0 was created which
added computer e-learning, learning 3.0 incorporated social networking, gaming,
real-time feedback and simulation. (Meister, J.
C. ,2010, June 16). All these advancements allowed
individuals to learn at their own pace.

Value of this Article:

This article,
the social media revolution, was is a very informative article. The information
provided within the document gives you the basis of what corporation’s face on
a daily basis. I wasn’t surprised by the fact that individuals that poses
valuable knowledge are hesitant to share what they know with other. I think
this is solely in part to the workforce getting older and fear of losing your
job to a younger individual can be a little stressful causing people to become
more selfish with their knowledge which can potentially cripple a

The article also emphasizes the power of social media, considering the
amount of posts or tweets that are being sent on a daily basis we are foolish
to think that how we express ourselves, our comments or ideas that we think is
for a designated audience will not become public knowledge causing it to spread
at lightning speed.

I like the illustration used to describe how information is distributed
via leaky or tight pipes which are ways in which we communicate and receive
knowledge. In addition, the leaky pipe really resonates with me because this
example describes for the most part how my area share knowledge.

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