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v Politeness and happy to help- My employer would enjoy a lot of
advantage due to my politeness and happy to help nature. A customer always
wishes to be treated with respect and courtesy. Being polite to the customer
would attract him/her and would result in repetitive demand from his side
leading to higher sales of the employer’s product or service.


v Multilingual- I have worked very hard to improve my communication skills
by learning 4 different languages and I have achieved good command over all of
them. This provides me ease to deal with customers from different cultures and
communicate with them in an efficient manner. I can better understand their
requirements and problems as communicating in own language is convenient for
everyone, leading to customer satisfaction and hence more profitability.

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v Adaptive to changes- Not only in the professional life but also in my
general life I have a very dynamic nature. This makes me adapt the changes very
easily and in a short time span. I am always desperate to learn about new inventions
and changes which results in keeping me upgraded. The benefit of this would
ultimately be enjoyed by my employer as he would not have to work on upgrading
me rather I would be self reliant for this task.


v Competitive spirit-  From my
childhood, I have been very competitive and determined regarding goals. I can
compete and fade the influence of the competitor on the prospective customer.
Due to my confident personality I would manage to increase the sales turnover
leading to rise in the market share of the employer’s company.

v Efficiency – I own multiple and valuable professional degrees which make
me a very efficient employee. These degrees have taught me to give maximum to
my work and reap benefits for everyone involved in the trade. My degrees have
helped me learn each tactic of doing well in my job and so made me very
efficient and hardworking. I have proper time management and resource


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