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Utilizing quantitative methods and evidence-baseddata for business modeling and decision making is clearly the need of the houras well as my area of interest. Afterthe completion of this program, I plan to return to India and work for one ofthe leading multinational firms like Fractal Analytics, Absolutdata, etc. as aBusiness Analyst, Business System Analyst, Computer System Analyst, InformaticsConsultant or an Information Systems Business Analyst capable of dealing with awide range of document analysis, requirements workshops, flowcharts, surveys,site visits, business process descriptions, interviews and workflow analysis toinduce and manage requirements. Being a passionate advocate of entrepreneurship,my long term goal is no different from that of an innovative and aspiringentrepreneur. India is the fastest developing nation and is predicted to becomeworld’s 4th largest economy in the upcoming decade powered bythousands of mid-level companies.

Amassing invaluable experience and masteringessential skills required in the field of business analytics coupled withfinancial resources, I aim at redefining my career as an entrepreneur and starta firm offering analytics solutions by combining advanced predictiveanalytics, actionable insights and customer knowledge to help mid-level retailers,which need analytical solutions to derive more profits, identify and drivegrowth opportunities. A strong mathematical, statistical and computerengineering background gives me the needful academic knowledge to pursue thiscourse. During the four years of my undergraduate course, I have workedextensively in the labs, dedicating myself to learning the Principles ofOperating Systems, Object Oriented Programming concepts, Database ManagementSystems, Software Engineering practices, Software Testing, concepts of Analysisand Design of Algorithms and Big Data Analytics. Internship at Defence Researchand Development Organization – anagency of the Republic of India charged with the military’s research anddevelopment and at Bharti Airtel Ltd, which is one of the leading companies oftelecommunication and internet service provider, helped me to gain an insightinto the working of an MNC as well as gave me an outlook of handling complexproblems effectively.

With all the fresh technical and analytical knowledge,hunger to learn new concept, and quest to seek challenges at this stage I’mequipped with all the required necessities and skills. The soon I can start mydesired career, the early I can reach my long-term goal. Master’s in BusinessAnalytics from University of California at Irvine in US offers a challenging,highly professional environment where analytical thinking as well as ethicalpractices are valued. Located in the heart of the golden state, Irvine is amidtechnical and business hubs of the country. The University has a great campus,inspired leadership and is digitally driven. Highly Qualified and experiencedlecturers like Mr.

Vidyanand Chaudhary, Mr. Ken Kraemer etc. add to highstature of UCI.

  In addition to this,international exposure will provide me with the opportunity to growindividually and socially and boost my knowledge and skills.

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