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Utilitarian Theory of Ethics- according to this
theory, our obligation in any situation is to  
perform the action that will result in the greatest possible balance of
good over evil.

Based on the theories analysis, there have a
five ethical theories and principles that Raycom Engineering and Aerospace
should have to set a guide and regulate to themselves for treat their
employee’s with well behavior and morality. Firstly, Utilitarian theory of
ethics is one of the most influential teleological ethical theories. It is
applied widely by economist to make rational decisions. In our case the company
not paying an employee his salary for work done
within seven days after the last day of the employees works, this make a
unethical behavior that the company done to the employees. Therefore, the
company have been fined around $17,500 for fail to pay salary to the foreign
employees and also Ministry of Manpower (MOM) were take action against the
company and they debarred the company.

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Then, there have two Utilitarianism Classical or Act
Utilitarianism is an action is right if and only if it produces the greatest
balance of pleasure over pain for everyone. It judges an action to be right by
virtue of the consequences of performing that action. In our case Raycom were
hire them to work but they refuse to pay back the salaries and also every
employee should know their rights as well.

After that, Rule Unitarianism is an action is right and if
and only if it conforms the set of rules the general acceptance of which will
produce the greatest balance of pleasure over pain for everyone. This principle
relates to the importance of complying with rules. The only difference with Act
Utilitarianism puts emphasis on results only regardless of compliance to rules.
In the case Utilitarian ethics the role of Ministry of Manpower (MOM) were help
employees to get back their salaries and they barred the company from foreign
workers work with them. Moreover, they also were inform to all the
local employees who have not been paid their salaries or feel that their wages
have been wrongfully withheld are advised to approach MOM or their unions.

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