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By using seasonal fruits and vegetables one can stay stronger
and healthy.

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Eating Mulberries and Drinking
Wonderful Juice

 Like blue berries, raspberries
and black berries. These are dark in colors and bit sour in taste. It suited
best for calories conscious persons. Mulberries are a great source of vitamin
C. As 200g mulberries will give you the 85percent of daily intake that you


1 kg mulberries

Sweet 2-3 table spoon

Ice cubes

all the ingredients and then this detox drink contains a large amount  of vitamin C , A and a healthy ration of
minerals which is very useful for liver, skin belly fat and toxin- glowing
antioxidants, contained in the red and black raspberries. It is quite delicious
in taste as you will enjoy this while drinking it but make sure a balance
should be considered. In a day maximum two glass of drinking this wonderful
juice is immensely effective for scrubbing your liver, improving your skin appearance
and in general improving your health and energy levels.

The healthy Papaya juice
with lemon Taste



The ingredients
required for making a specious juice it has wonderful impact on your liver and
belly fat

½ kg papaya

Half a lemon

Water half kg

Milk half kg

Sugar according to the
taste (2-3) table spoons

Some ice cubes

all the ingredients and drink it this detox drink contain vitamin c and as well
as vitamin B.A glass of papaya juice will also contain high levels of
folate, a B vitamin which helps to regulate the
levels of homocysteine in your bloodstream. High levels of homocysteine can
damage blood vessels and is a known risk factor for heart disease.

The Energy Full Red Detox


2 Bell Pepper

6 Carrots

1 Cucumber

1 Lemon

2 Apple

First of shake all the
ingredients as its color should be the one that is posted above this article.
After making this delicious juice make it drink immediately, before the
antioxidants get eradicated! This wonderful energy full detox drink contains a
huge amounts of vitamin c , vitamin A, a god amount of minerals, which is very
much necessary for the nutritious skin & influential fat and toxin- glowing
antioxidants, encompassed in the apple and lemon. It may seems to be little strange
in taste wise but it’s very much health worthy no more considered as tasteless.
Taking a couple of glass in a day will ensure improvement in producing fresh
blood, active, scrubbing your liver, developing your skin cell and give
protection from the harmful effects of atmosphere and wisely so it will
drastically build your healthy and digestive system of your body and facial

The Colorful Green Tea Citrus

Another juice that has wonderful detox strength!


§  A cup
of green tea but should be cooled down

§  1 tea
spoon of Lemon

§  1
Banana Mingled In

This requires more overhead in preparation of this juice as it
is a mixture of cooling down green tea, cutting and mixing all the elements
need some time to do this juice. The EGCG in green tea work altogether with the
lemon juice to quickly refresh and detoxify your full digestive system. EGCG is
fascinated perfect where there is a tart atmosphere and also used with the
banana and other minerals that have the same vitamins. Although it takes time
to make but the most prolific benefit of this juice is great in taste. It has a
wonderful taste that makes you aficionada of this juice.

Golden Liver-Flushing Drink


Half a teaspoon of turmeric

A teaspoon of turmeric

   A bit of ginger

   The Juice of a lemon

    Half a cup of water

This juice taste is bit tart. It has tremendous results in
removing toxins from your liver but eventually provide protection from gallstones
and clear your intestines. It also gives protection to your stomach when you
ate a heavy food. Turmeric is a very effective liver-detoxifying agent and is
used as a hangover remedy in some countries. Also it can have a variety to mix
it with some other fruits like papaya, banana, apple and combining it with
lemon juice will seal a great result for your body. Although this juice taste
is not so sweet as others. But you can mix with others like by using it banana
will change its taste in great extent that you will like to drink but make sure
not to use bananas too much to overcome the original taste of this juice.

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