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Urges the following initiatives to settle territorial disputes,The nine dash line to be modified according to the E.E.Z of the other claimant country and the new nine dash line will be along the E.E.Z  borders of respective countries,Outside the E.E.Z of respective countries, the rest of the South China Sea affiliated to dispute shall be termed as the territory of PRC,Calls for the other claimant nations to set a specific trade route through which international trade is to be carried out which also will be deemed international waters,This sea trade route shall be subjected to 0% taxation in trade,This trade route is the only sea route where the UN subjected nations can carry out the “freedom of Navigation” to ensure the security of the traders,The route is suggested to be drawn keeping in mind the geographical structure of that area  so that there are no further disputes when the future endeavors are carried out ,The maritime space above and on the trade route shall not be subjected to registration to the PLA, however the passage in Chinese territory requires pre registration to the PLA,Suggests the UN to allow The People’s Liberation Army’s naval force to ensure the proper surveillance of the sea outside the trade route,Approves the establishment of a joint sub-committee (South China Sea Union) to track the feasibility, transparency and accountability in the decisions made in the resolution, with proper representation of all claimant countries and the countries proposed by the SPECPOL. The mandate and the code of conduct for the officials of this committee shall be the sub clauses 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, and clause 5,These committee members shall pledge on  the code of conduct, The funds shall be first reported to this committee and the committee shall distribute the funds according to the mandate discussed,The fund then distributed shall be given to the government of each country,The committee shall ask for a fair report from each government bodies of the respective countries taking in account; the full transparency, accountability with substantial proofs,For aids further than prescribed by the committee, the committee shall entertain governmental requests based on absolute necessity; judgment of the committee is the final judgment, The committee will dissolve when the terms of mandate has been fulfilled,Encourages the interested nations and international bodies to help through foreign aids,  People’s Republic of China will be offering open trade to all the claimant nations,Countries seeking foreign aid shall approach the joint sub-committee, The International Monetary Fund and The World Bank are requested to provide funds,These funds shall be referred to the joint sub-committee and then the procedures of 3.4 and 3.5Authorizes the use of these funds strictly for the purpose of developing infrastructure to tap into the resources available in the newly acquired territory,Strongly condemns the militarized islands by People’s Republic of China falling under the E.E.Z of the claimant country’s new territory to be given as a military base aid to the respective countries,Strongly disapproves of third party countries intervention in this region except in the South China Sea Union.

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