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Up next, another violation of human rights currently seen in the United States has been, having the freedom from discrimination. Every human no matter who he or she is, what background they come from, their religion, ethnic origin, sex, or sexual preference, should not have to face and deal with the act of being discriminated. Currently in the United States there have been several groups of targets who are being discriminated. Not only muslims, but other minorities and ethnicities are treated with the uttermost disrespect and discrimination wherever they go. Majority of the time, the discrimination taking place in the United States mainly is due to religion and race. Every human has the freedom of expressing their faith, religion, and beliefs no matter where they come from or who they are. It is as simple as that. No human being has the right to judge or discriminate towards someone because they may be different in some manner. Not just only being discriminated, but also being killed as well. Discrimination has been on the uprise for the past several years and although it may be impossible to stop this act for once and for all, there can surely be something done to stand up and fight against it. No ethnic group or individual should be discriminated NO matter what. Everyone should have the freedom from being discriminated and not have this right they are guaranteed to be taken away. Lastly, another main human right violation happening in the United States is the abuse of the rights of prisoners. There are many unheard stories of prisoners being brutally killed and abused while still being under the authorization and supervision of the police officers and higher powers in the prison system. A major human right violation which is being broken in these prisons is having the right to no torture. Yes, prisoners have done wrong things and have committed cruel acts in society, but this does not give the right to anyone to hurt and torture them, especially the officers in charge. This not only applies to adults in prison, but as well as youth who are in prisons. Although we may not hear about it in the news often, it does not mean that this is not happening. As per an article written by, Human Rights Watch, “In recent years, U.S. prison inmates have been beaten with fists and batons, stomped on, kicked, shot, stunned with electronic devices, doused with chemical sprays, choked, and slammed face first onto concrete floors by the officers…” (Human Rights Watch). We see how the abuse and damage taking place behind closed doors is affecting the rights of these prisoners. The people who are in charge to guide and protect them are instead torturing and beating them. Prison systems are not perfect, but rather corrupt and all prisoners deserve and should have the right of freedom from any harm and torture.I believe specifically regarding the United States, indeed the international world does care about what is happening on regarding the violations of human rights. The United States itself are a significant and crucial powerhouse in the eyes of the global communities. Many countries look up to the United States as a role model whether it may be for resource purposes, political relations, or more. I believe the international world cares and there is something being done to stop the violation of human rights in the U.S. In 2017, when Hurricane Harvey hit the United States in Houston, Texas, the citizens of the disaster were in a state of chaos and crisis. Due to the disaster, the government were unable to get out and assist the citizens suffering. Because of the flooding throughout the city which caused destruction to all rescue resources and homes of the people, the citizens were left with no food, water, or safety equipment to help escape the havoc. It is understandable that although the flooding resulted in the resources being damaged, the human rights of the citizens were violated. It got to a point where the United States did nothing to help rescue the Houston victims. International communities in Canada, Taiwan, Venezuela, and even Bangladesh offered help because the United States were unable to handle the tragic event on their own. Bangladesh offered $1 million and also rescuers to go overseas and help rescue the victims stuck in the floodings. Thailand send over medical professionals to help treat victims hurt and/or wounded. Canada also played a major role in sending over navy ships and helicopters, and lastly, the United Arab Emirates also donated massive amounts of money. In this time of crisis, the government was unable to provide the essential basic resources to help the victims. Basic human rights such as, the right to life (people being killed) were violated and as a result the US needing help in such a time, other international communities stepped in to help resolve this horrifying event. I believe the international world does have a responsibility and/or obligation to stop human rights violations. Our world faces a new challenge everyday. This world we live in is not meant to be perfect and deprived of all problems. Problems are a part of our lives – we will go through and face difficulties and trials and tribulations daily regardless of what we try and do. However, when it comes time during a crisis, the world and global communities need to step up to the stage and together help make a change. It is very important that the international world assist one another in stopping human rights violations. Success does not only involve a certain country overcoming difficulties and obstacles on their own, but it is also the duty and responsibility of everyone to be able to achieve greater success and power together to take down and accomplish a certain task. The only way we will get through in this world is if we work together as one. An example of many international bodies joining together to help stop conflict was when the United States of America and several organizations and countries intervened with the crisis in Libya. In Libya, as a result of a civil war, the government who had full authority and power of the situation took advantage of their citizens. The government oppressed and persecuted the people. The people of Libya were forced into the slavery and human trafficking system. Because of this conflict, a coalition of countries including Canada, US, and organizations a part of NATO worked together to help resolve this conflict and bring peace within the country. This teamwork of several international communities helped end the civil war in Libya and ended the conflict and suffering of millions of people. The work of these countries and organizations also comes to show that if the international world make it their obligation and responsibility to help stop chaos in countries around the world, it will help improve and make this world a much better and safer place. It benefits everyone in the end and restores faith in humanity providing hope for the people that there is someone out there who cares and is willing to help. I believe that in the United States, there can be alot done to help stop human rights violations from taking place. In some cases what tends to happen is that, one reason why human rights violations occur more often is because people are not knowledgeable enough of the rights that they have and what to do with them if they are violated. In order to protect yourself from having to go through trouble and misery, it is best to gain knowledge of even your basic human rights so that there is no trouble in the long term down the road. Education is one of the most important piece we need in our lives. We must educated everyone and know all of our rights and know where and when to seek help, then only will we be able to stop such acts from happening. I also recommend that everyone as a community speak up and fight for their rights and what they believe in. If we are seeing all of these human rights violations taking place in front of our very own eyes, just because it is not happening to us, we still must stand by our friends of our communities and help in making a change. Protesting for example is a recommendation which could certainly work – it catches the attention of major powerhouses such as the government and sends a message across that the citizens are not happy and are having their rights to living a normal life violated. Although this may not fix the problem fully and stop such from happening again because of this confound world we live in, it can help make a positive change. Protests are a great option because they have been shown to build awareness which has led major leaders or groups to call for and take action which has improved situations. There are many other options which may help solve the conflict of human rights violations, but in a place such as the United States, there are millions of people being deprived of their rights each and every day leading to more and more problems. There is not a cure for human rights violation, but there is the power in our voices which each and every individual can use and speak out for the millions of people to help change this world and turn it into a finer and safe place.

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