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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, we all know about the religious spectrum that is life. Either you believe in a source of creation or you don’t. Being an atheist means you don’t believe in a god or gods but that everything is as it is. Through basic science and evidence, atheist are prominent followers of the “I need to see it to believe it” mindset. Many Atheist will be quick to try and disprove the fabric that is the belief in a God.

They are quick to consider anyone dedicated to their religion as a sheep and ignorant to the facts. However, the funny thing about it is that they themselves are just as ignorant as your typical “religious sheep.” You’ve probably heard something along the lines of “But most scientist are atheist!” If you are one of those who says this, it is definitive proof you are ignorant.

Not only are you assuming that being a scientist automatically makes one smart, you are also psychologically associating yourself with these scientist to make yourself seem smart. Richard Feynman, a famous theoretical physicist who even achieved a nobel prize in 1965 and was nominated top 10 scientist of all time by physics world poll of 1999. Feynman believed but couldn’t prove, that atheist follow the same trend of being a sheep. Take a look at another article citing his point of view of science and religion.Link to Feynman’s POVNow one question remains.

       Are you really an Atheist? Or do you THINK you’re an atheist?There is a difference between not believing in a god and not believing in organized religion. If you reject all notion that there is a God with certainty, then yes you are an atheist. However, if you admit to not knowing whether there is a god or not, than you are agnostic. It’s ok to be lenient towards one side while being agnostic, e.g. believing more that there is a God but also being completely open to the fact that there PROBABLY isn’t a GOD.

This would make you an agnostic theist. Vice versa if you initially think there isn’t a God. If you fall along these lines, then you can comfortably say you are agnostic. It is also safe to say that many SERIOUS free thinking scientist fall within the agnostic category.

But by saying with firm belief that you do not believe any God(s) exist AT ALL makes you an atheist and but being an atheist isn’t just looked down upon because you reject God but because most atheist tend to be just as ignorant as the religious sheep they like to play against.

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