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University of Helsinki considered as the oldest and
largest University in the Finland. Also it has placed as a
University among top 100 university in the world according to the rankings. The
most interesting fact in this master program is it offers different research fields rather than other
master degrees in other universities. There are two research areas. The
two focus areas of research are food production chains and food
quality and healthy nutrition. I am interested in doing a research in the field
of food quality and healthy nutrition. In this research area, I could do a
research on the chemical and microbial safety of food including risk
assessment and management. This area of specialisation awakens me the research
which I did in Bachelor degree. I investigated the availability of
radionuclides in the common cooked foods in Sri Lanka under the research topic
of Estimation of Annual Effective Dose Due to Ingestion
of Radioactive Elements in Sri Lankan Meal Plans. During the research I found that the effective dose to an average adult who
consumes the meal plans ranged from 0.030 to 0.050 mSvyr-1. Also the values of effective dose and
activity concentrations of radionuclides were lower than the guideline limit
specified by UNSCEAR (United Nations Scientific Committee on the
effects of Atomic Radiation) and other countries. Hence, the
consumption of cooked meal plans in Sri Lanka is safe in terms of radioactivity
for the particular radionuclides. This was the first study carried out in
determination of radionuclides in Sri Lankan selected cooked foods. So when I
carrying on my masters I would be able to perform better rather than the
bachelor level, because in this university I would learn about the Raw materials and processes,
including their theoretical basics also different food constituents and their
impact on food quality and Factors that ensure good quality and food safety. By
studying about different food constituents I will be able to carry out my
future research on different toxic elements contains in the food such as heavy
metals and radionuclides. In Sri Lanka we don’t have many facilities to
carryout researches and also less number of supervisors. But if I got a chance
to study in Helsinki University I would be able to carry out my research
activities efficiently and more productively.

If I get a chance in studying in Finland
I definitely expose to multicultural environment. There by I will be able to
work as team and more exposure to an environment of competitively. Learning
will not be limited to subject matters. It will be broaden to correct decision
making which help me to become a good manager one day. In the website of master
degree program it is mentioned there will be an industrial exposure. So this will
help me to become expert in the food science section and I would be able to
contribute to the development of the food industry in Sri Lanka.                                                                                                                        

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