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United state is a country of 50 states; the population around  323.1 million . They are using non renewable energy such as coal a finite material which now United State are running out of this type of materials.

According to the EIA government the direct result shows renewable energy increase from 2015 until nowaday. Although non renewable energy still in the first high usage but according to the data increase record renewable energy will develop more and more.                                            Hydro Energy Usage    Base on the fact, the first high usage in renewable energy is hydro energy. It uses a turbine convert water to kinetic energy , then a generator convert the hydro energy to mechanical energy.After that  the turbine will turn it to electrical energy, meanwhile you will receive electricity from the distribution line. The top high hydroelectric usage in United State is Washington, California ,New york. Above all they use hydroelectric because it is way cheaper than other renewable resources. To be specific, government spend $1.

2 billion on developing other energy ; only $10 million for hydro power. The advantages of hydropower is ,they uses water to generate electricity therefore it can not affect our health or even environment; there were 90 percent of hydro energy can convert to electricity. In fact , Unite State discover hydroelectric is infinite that why it uses 6.5 percent the largest amount in 2016. Hydro energy is a good resources for United State however it also have disadvantages, for instance it can affect land use  and natural habitat because of hydroelectric dams is to enormous therefore it takes space and time to build; it causes natural environment agans the dam.

In future the benefit for government is the cost will way more cheaper than non renewable energy.       Biomass Energy Usage  According to the government electricity website biomass energy is the second largest usage in renewable resources that around 5.6 percent.It is a energy use for thousand years ago which develop by organic materials such as plant and waste to generating electricity or convert to energy . The most common way is to burn the biomass to produce energy ; it is because when it burned chemical energy that store in in biomass release as heat so it brings the usage of biomass energy. The advantages of biomass energy is can replace or reuse ; it always available for human .The disadvantages of biomass energy is in some cases it is a major cases of pollution.

In future, base on the fact it can have benefit on environment by increasing biomass production. Wind Energy Usage  The last reliable energy The third high usage in United State is wind energy. It is a renewable energy from wind ,harness for thousand years.When the wind blow the rotor blade convert the rotational energy that mean torque after that using the power line to let your home receive electricity. Other than use for electricity it also can have other usage such as rice mill for grinding the rice.The advantages of  wind energy is it have no fuel cost and same as the other renewable energy it can not affect humans health.

The disadvantage of wind energy is if there have no wind it can not generate electricity that mean it depends on the weather. In future if United State continue using this energy  it will be cheap to get energy when you finish building it.    According to the geographical location I suggest to use wind energy . Although the usage in United State only have 1.5 percent , but United State estimate 20 percent of wind energy will increase by 2030. According to the wind map the wind will blow at least 13 miles per hour, because one wind turbine could power up to 500 homes.

That mean it will have benefit if United State increase usage.It have various of energy, perhaps wind energy will not be the best ; base on my research it is the best choice for United State.        

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