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Unit Research Project: Climate changeSome current effects I found were. . . .The climate impact on Alaska. Alaska is the largest state in America, it lands on both sides of the Arctic circle. Over the past 60 years Alaska’s temperatures have been increasing by about 3 degrees fahrenheit,warming in the winter then leads to ice breaking sonner on rivers in spring, glaciers are shrinking, and wildfires become more common. Some advantages to this occuring in Alaska are. . . a longer crop season for agriculture crops, enlarged tourism, and easier access to natural resources.   .Threats towards Polar Bears .Polar bears are strong and courageous animals, they live in Artic like temperature. The problem is their habitats are melting away from them. The reason why this is terrible for the Polar Bears is because these bears use the ice sheets to stand on and hunt for food to eat, but if these ice sheets are there how are they going to hunt? As the Polar Bears can spend such a long amount of time without eating but when it comes to the time for them to hunt, their diets then change, and they began to search for other things. Another reason why this is a threat to the Polar Bears is because unhealthy polar bears means less reproduction rates, less cubs (baby polar bears) are born. This then leads to more extinction  in the Polar Bear species. Some advantages to this happening is. . . ” WWF has successfully advocated for the creation of a circumpolar polar bear management plan.”  This is a positive note because it gives some people a happy thought that their are people out there working to help save these poor animals. People are increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the air, which apparently have gone up by 40% since the late 1700!! We are the reason this is happening to our planet!2.  Recent weather effects.There are so many places in the world affected by these horrible weather disasters, just to name a few. . . South Asia affected by flooding and landslides.Authorities call this the worst regions flooding since 1977. Over 1,200+ died. This occurred from beginning of June through September 2017, then worse weather hit after August 2017.  About 40 million people living in Bangladesh, India are still trying to rebuild their homes since the flooding. Still thousands of people injured. Recovering has been extremely difficult for people living in Bihar, Assam, Uttar Pradesh. Hurricane Harvey was one of the absolutely worst hurricanes (Category 4) to ever hit Texas, it hit on August, 25th, 2017. The cost in damage was $180 billion dollars. It affected 13 million people throughout Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana. Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey was depressing, 30,000 people living in shelters, homes are absolutely gone, recovery is going to take people years to achieve. Even after the storm was over Texas was still underwater, the flooding due to the storm cause insane water measures. 3. Greenhouse effect: The greenhouse effect is the increase of temperature on Earth that is being trapped in the atmosphere. Whenever sunlight gets to the surface of the Earth, its absorbs and heats the ground and bounce back to space with warmth.  The difference between anthropogenic and natural greenhouse effect. Anthropogenic greenhouse effect is part of the main source of greenhouse effect because of human activity such as; deforestation and burning fossil fuels. It leads to higher rates of carbon dioxide. Natural greenhouse effect is just the effect of greenhouse gas being produced in the air but this is different because it’s not caused by human activity, natural greenhouse effect is only used from natural things on earth. 4. Scientific methods to determine climate change:Climate change is happening all around us.  Glacier and Ice sheets melting in Antarctica, flooding in major cities, droughts and hurricanes…  many other signs. Most common form of identifying climate change is precipitation and temperature changes, higher and faster winds, air pressure, polar regions melting, and many more. Another way scientists identify climate change is looking back at studies of ice cores and sediment cores that give indirect evidence of climate change.   5. Sinks and Sources:Carbon source and sink is when carbon is always moving between different stores and act as “sinks” or “sources” Sinks absorbs the carbon and then gives it off, while the re. Example of these are. . . Forests (trees), oceans, fossil fuels and the atmosphere.source emits and absorbs it mo6.    Reflection:   After writing these past few questions these are my thoughts on how we can help change our planet. If one person were to help make a difference in the world, others would notice. It starts with you! That’s something that I realized completing this project. We can all make a difference but you need to lead by example for others. . We can become energy efficient we can do this by changing light bulbs to LEDs, unplugging more electronics, making sure your buying more energy related machines. . Changing your diet to more organic and local grown foods, more vegetables and fruits, using compost daily, Cutting back on the meat, and avoid purchasing processed foods. . Travel less… especially flying, leaves behind tons of carbon dioxide. Maybe consider using more green and not as toxic ways to travel. Such as. . . Bus, Train, or vacationing closer to home to drive.  Flying leaves loads of carbon dioxide and gases in the air. . Get green for driving. Driving releases lots of greenhouse gases, and the whole world used cars almost everyday to travel to work, school, or an after hours activity. Some ways that you can help reduce car use is by either carpooling, using a bicycle if close, or not going out for unnecessary things. . Make a difference yourself, then others will follow.If you were to start doing a few of these things listed above, then maybe friends and family would notice these things and decided to help out. It’s like a chain reaction, if one person starts and passes it on to another, they will follow and it will continue onwards. If one person were to help make a difference in the world, others would notice. It starts with you! That’s something that I realized completing this project. We can all make a difference but you need to lead by example for others. This project really gave me a new perspective on climate change. This world isn’t just going to fix itself. We need to start helping out and doing our part to save our planet.

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