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Unit 27 P6 Explain the potential legal implications of using and editing graphical imagesCreation of copyrightUnlike many other forms of intellectual property that need to be registered to protect them, copyright law exists automatically when creating certain works, and the copyright owner has exclusive rights to this work . Copyright refers to the following types of works for: original literary, dramatic, musical or artistic works, sound recordings, films or broadcasts, and typographical schemes of published documents. To obtain copyright protection, the work must be original in the sense that it was not copied and that the author had to spend some qualifications and efforts in the creation of work.However, some minor uses may apply to copyright exceptions; For more information about them and recent changes to the law, please see our copyright guide.

Copyright infringement can result in severe penalties, even if the British legal system is unlikely to fall into the American level of rewards. The Magistrate’s Magistracy’s Magistracy has a maximum term of imprisonment in the UK for 6 months and / or a fine of up to £50,000. After conviction at the Royal Court, the maximum term of imprisonment in the UK for a copyright infringement is 10 years and / or an “unlimited” fine.Copyright ownership The rules regarding copyright are somewhat different for each of the categories above, but as a general the rule, the first owner of the copyright is the author of the work, if the work is not performed by the employee in the process of his work or her work, in which case the employer will be the first copyright holder of the work.

This means that the copyrights to any materials made by a person acting in his or her exceptional quality will be belongs to this person. This will include, for example, resources created by members of the public. If the work is carried out by the employee in the course of their work, it belongs to the employer, depending on its composition any agreement that operates on the contrary . With an increase in the number of freelancers and consultants, copyright ownership is increasingly important for negotiations. This does not necessarily have to be accepted. At this time, the work produced by an employee  can be attributed to the employer.PermissionsTo gain permission you need to do simple steps: first determine if permission is needed because you may use a copyrighted images and if you use it you don’t need permission, step number two is to identify owner and right needed , next step will be contacting the owner and negotiate whether payment is required, and last step will be get your permission agreement in writing.IPR (Intellectual Property Rights)The right of intellectual property – in the broadest sense, means the rights enshrined in the law to the result of intellectual activity in the industrial, scientific, artistic, industrial and other industries.

But it is more expedient to define intellectual property by specifying IP objects:copyrights (literary, artistic, audio, video, computer programs, databases, maps, photographic works); adjacent right; the right of industrial property (inventions, utility models, industrial designs, innovations, trademarks); branded and commercial names; geographical indications; varieties of plants and breeds of animals; topographies of integrated circuits; a trade secret; Legislation defining the rights to IP is based on the right of each person to possess, use and dispose of the results of his intellectual, creative activity, which, being not benevolent, is stored by his creators and may be used by other persons only in agreement with them, except in certain cases legislation. The concept of “IP” arose in the process of long-standing practice of legal consolidation by certain persons of their rights to the results of intellectual activity in the field of science, production, art and literature.• copyrighted images versus copyright free images

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