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unit 29: installing and upgrading software Assignment 1     Contents Page 1.0 Task 1. 31.

1 Describe the potentialprompts that initiate the installation of new or upgraded software. 31.1.1 Problems withexisting systems.

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31.1.2. 31.1.

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2 Explain the advantagesand disadvantages of installing and upgrading software. 42.0 Task 2. 42.1 Justify to themanagers why upgrading their anti-virus software would be advisable.

43.0 Task 3. 53.1 Describe the potentialrisks of installing or upgrading software. 53.1.2. 53.

1.2. 53.1.2. 53.

2 Evaluate the potentialrisks of installing and upgrading software and explain how the risks could beminimised   66.0 References. 77.0 Bibliography. 8Appendices. 9Appendix I 9Appendix II 9    1.

0 Task 1 1.1 Describe the potential promptsthat initiate the installation of new or upgraded software 1.1.

1If yoursystem has bugs in the previous versions- this canbe a major problem when working with old machines or software as it goes on andinstalls updates it can start to corrupt and gather bugs while doing manytedious updates for each individual version a solution to that would be touninstall the software altogether and re install it to the latest version allin one go. That can also help to clear up space as it could have beencompressed for a larger update than adding lots of smaller ones.1.1.2 Or if it isout dated- an outdated system or piece of software that needs anupdate or it will continue to decrease in speed and durability as it will notallow you to do as much as you previously were before the update was required.1.

1.3 If yoursystem is slow- you can do many things for a slow system such asdefragging your machine or having a full system clean out and then a rebootthis will help the efficiency of the defragging tool to get rid of all of thedebris.1.1.

4 Or if youhave ignored all of the previous updates and a larger full system one is nowneeded- this isn’t just as bad as the other points as it letsthe next version to be better and let the bugs from the previous one be sortedout but it means you may have to deal with a slow buggy version for a whileuntil there is a refined version that runs smoothly.1.1.5 Also whenyour software is needing an update but your system can’t handle it you may needto upgrade or update your system- this is a main cause whenyou have been putting off getting a new machine for many reasons like you couldthink it is a waste of money etc… But if you are needing it for work oreducation then you need to have a system that can support you software and thebasic specs to meet your requirements.

1.1.6CompanyPolicies- all organizations and companies are able to controlwhat software is able to be downloaded and what is not. No companies wouldallow their staff to download any random software that they find online orelsewhere as it may be illegal or even have viruses that would harm thecompany.

If the installs or upgrades are needed it will be planned and carriedout in a controlled manner like over a holiday when the machines aren’t in useto save any mishaps, there is also a backup of all of the data saved elsewhereif there is an error when installing or if it doesn’t work as it’s supposed tominimize risk to the company.1.2 Explain the advantages anddisadvantages of installing and upgrading software Most machine will need an install of anewer version of software or an upgrade at some point during their time in use,whether it be just upgrading a relatively new machine up to the newest versionof software or operating system, or if you are a company who have machines frombefore 2008 doing a full install and upgrade of hardware as well as software.

There will always be advantages and disadvantages to doing this here are a few.AdvantagesProbably the main advantagewhen you upgrade anything to the newest version is that it will beexponentially faster than the previous, at opening applications, surfing theweb and just the general performance. Another helpful result of upgrading isthat I will fix any of the previous bugs and stop errors, faults and crasheswith the computer by installing a patch in the new version as well as some newfeatures. The addition of new features can lead to an increase in productivitylike short cuts for popularly used things to save time when working on aproject. Improved security, additional software can be added to your computerthrough upgrading to increase the security of your device.

  It is always important that your company keepstheir computers safe and up to date with the antivirus software. Keeping theseupdated can stop the viruses from catching onto the computer, preventing hackers from getting into companies computers, acompany must get a firewall so they don’t catch a virus from a website andclose all unused ports, so they don’t leave any gaps for the hackers to get in.By installing new software you might be ableof getting a new hardware installed onto your computer. Some softwarecommunicates with hardware with the help of System Resources like input/outputsetc. DisadvantagesYou may have to pay for theupdates and upgrades although it may be worth it if it is necessary for yourbusiness. It would be smarter to get recommendations and do some research onwhich would be best to either upgrade at all or even find a better version toupdate to.

To make sure the software is working properly and there are patchesin case something goes wrong. The main disadvantage when you are updating orupgrading is that you might get bugs while it’s going through the process ofinstallation which may not let you from using some of your old files, or youwon’t be able to access things that were once useful. For example an iTunesupdate sopped some users from uploading things from their iPod so some usersjust dropped iTunes altogether.

It5 may take a considerable amount of timetrying to relearn some parts of the software, because either the familiar toolshave been moved or the tasks set may not be completed as quickly. This way youlose valuable time trying to learn it all over again which could stop thecompany from working for a while. A training course for workers to relearn thesoftware may be very costly for the department.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   2.0 Task 22.1 Justify to the managers whyupgrading their anti-virus software would be advisable.

    3.0 Task 3  See notes & page xxx of e-book.3.1 Describe the potential risksof installing or upgrading software. 3.1.

1 When installing or upgrading software on acomputer system you can experience a potential loss of service and will mostlikely come across computer down-time. This is when a computer becomes inactivecaused by the software being installed and its using up most of the resourcesof the computer for it to install. This is important as it can take a very longtime to install, and this could lead to a disruption of work if a business isinstalling the software for example if the business were upgrading theoperating system on the server, it will mean that any network resources andinternet connection will be unavailable until the installation is complete.3.

1.2 When installing software on your computerthere can be some incompatibility issues and you should always check if thecomputer and the software is compatible with one another. If they are notcompatible and it installs then you may experience some serious technicalissues with the software running on the computer i.e. the screen may turnblack, consistent crashing, may delete other files from another program and itcould even put your computer at risk of breaking down, or it could not eveninstall in the first place.

An example would be if you were to install Linux ona windows computer without backing up your files then all of your files fromwindows will be deleted and you won’t be able to restore them.3.1.

3 There can be many stability issues when youinstall or upgrade to new software, if a new piece of software is installed oran existing one is updated then the software may be more demanding on thesystem, as it might not be greatly optimized. This will cause the systemfreezing, crashing and lagging. This causes a near impossible work environment,as it will greatly increase timings on tasks. Unfortunately, the only way toget around this is to wait for a more optimized update, or to find different software.     3.

2 Evaluate the potential risksof installing and upgrading software and explain how the risks could beminimised See notes & page xxx of e-book.   6.0 References Put in alphabeticalorder 7.0 Bibliography Put in alphabeticalorder  Appendices Appendix I  Appendix II

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