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Unibet is an online gambling site that allows you to place bets on various online games such as sports, live casinos, races, bingo and poker to name a few.  Since its inception, there have been many alternative or mirror sites with bookmakers doing the same but at a cheaper and better rate.  Many have also commented that since the upgrade of Unibet’s site, the site has become unreliable and mirror sites are more reliable and does not seem to freeze all the time.

Access to Unibet website – See Working Alternative Links (50-70 Words)
Upon much research in my hunt for an alternative site for Unibet, I stumbled upon bookmaker 1xbet ( This site was so similar to Unibet’s site except for its colour scheme.  Every game, sports, race is on the site – there was not difference at all.  The site offered similar bonuses as Unibet did as well.

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Unibet Free Bets, Bonuses and Other Offers – Working bonus codes

Unibet offers generous bonuses when you sign up with them.  Most of them are absolutely free and have no strings attached.  Here are some of the bonus offers that they have.

CLAIM £30 – This is a Risk-Free Bet offer

Every new customer gets a Risk-Free Bet of up to £30.  This can be used for any pre-match or live bet.  If you lose on your first bet, you will be refunded your £30.

£50,000 Betting Championship (Tennis Matches)

You need to be a member to be able to join this Grand Slam.  Place a bet between 8-29th January for tennis matches for the Auckland open right through to the Australian Open.  

How it works:  You need to log in to your account and Opt-in and place live or pre-match bets with 2/5 min odds.  Bets placed on your mobile get double points.  All winning bets count towards your total points.

£40 – Pure Cash when you refer a friend

Yes, for every friend you refer you get £40 (up to £200).  So you can refer up to 5 friends and earn £200.

Unibet also offers Loyalty bonuses to members unlike through bookmakers who would take them away.  These bonuses can be seen through your account when you log in.

Always check on Unibet for their latest and most updated bonuses.


Access to Unibet Mobile App
Unibet does not have an all in one app that encompasses all its games which I find rather annoying but I can understand why it is structured in that manner.  Instead it has a separate app for its sports bet, hockey events, casino betting and poker app.  It would be a real benefit to them if it all came in one as it would mean that their customers are more likely to swap and change between games and bet more if it was an all-inclusive app.  Nevertheless, these apps are available from the Apple Store for iOS devices and the Play Store for Android devices.

The convenience of having apps is second to none.  It is betting on the go and checking your results on the go.  Moreover, it is fun as well.  And just like the desktop version, the mobile and tablet versions are all live versions and therefore it is played in real time.  Bored waiting for the subway?  This is a good way to pass your time.  Who knows – you could make a couple twenties just waiting for the subway?


Unibet Betting Odds & Markets

Unibet online sports betting covers a myriad of markets from horse races, football leagues, tennis matches and basketball to name a few.  The sports world is covered to bring the best odds online.

Offering over 4000 fixtures around the world, Unibet has the most competitive prices in the gaming market as it covers the biggest ranking games from around the world.  Unibet covers the biggest events from FIFA games to locals football games and even more specialised games hence they have the best prices in the gaming market.

Reading through the news section will also help you keep abreast with the latest in the sports world.


Unibet Live Betting and Live Streaming

Unibet offers Live Betting and Live Streaming of most of their games and punts.  Their system also takes live bets.  This makes it extremely entertaining and keeps you on your toes. There’s nothing more interesting than watching the greyhound wagered on heading first to the finish line.  Even better when you are live streaming from your phone and having a beer in the bar!  Yes, your mobile app can take bets as well.

Similarly, when you place bets on your favourite hockey team, relax on your couch and watch the game at home.  The best bit is up to a certain time of your bet, you can still make changes to your bet on your device.  There is no need to run to the casino or to Unibet to make the changes.  Thanks to modern technology.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options at Unibet

Gambling operators are heavily regulated due to licensing laws and therefore required to complete every single check they need to do to prevent or eliminate any doubts of money laundering.  Hence bear with them if they do ask a lot of questions.  Deposits can only be made to the name of the account holder and usually not in joint names.  The account would then need to be verified with some form of ID.  Once it is set up it’s easy from then on.

When you’re setting up the account, there tends to be a requirement to link a credit/debit or a bank account to your betting account for ease of funds withdrawal and top-up.  Unibet offers bonuses with each top and some of these bonuses are up to 100% – which is great! 

When you intend to withdraw funds, options within the “My Account” tab will guide you to withdraw tour funds.


Unibet Overview
Unibet is less well known but is growing.  There are a few pros and cons about Unibet and we will skim through them



·       Livestreaming – This is a great feature that Unibet has on its Apps.  Whilst there is a minimum need to have a wager of £1 to watch the game/race, that is really reasonable in terms of being able to watch a free streaming video of a game or race for instance

·       Unibet Mobile App – the Mobile App for smartphones includes not just for iOS and Android phones but also for Windows phones and tablets as well makes it accessible for everyone.  Live streaming is therefore accessible to anyone on the go.

·       Customer Service – Unibet offers 24/7 Customer Support by phone, chat and email and their service is second to none


·       Their customer bonus promotions are considered to me measly in comparison to their competitors.  For instance, their welcome bonus is only £30 pounds as opposed to their competitors who offer 100% match to your contribution.

·       The Unibet’s desktop programme is considered to be a “dog” of a programme as it is extremely slow to operate and takes a fair bit of time to load.  However, this can be easily improved with a bit of tweaking from the IT department.


Unibet Review for


·       Unibet is considered to be safe in India.  And one of the key factors why Unibet is popular in India is due to the fact that it accepts Indian Rupees.  Their main competitors are Marathon Bet and Betway. 

·       India also found the coverage of Indian cricket well covered and Unibet covered a lot of sports which was a bonus to the Indian Community.


·       Australians found the selection of sports excellent as there were over 11,500 sports available at the time of writing.  There were also 125 markets per game on average

·       Australians found the betting panel not pretty but functional.  However, the odds panel was said to be outright ugly!  The upside is the betting slips are automatically generated and displayed as soon as you start wagering which is a bonus

Is it safe and legal to bet through Unibet from:

For both India and Australia?

·       Unibet’s site is encrypted using 128-bit SSL technology i.e the safest it can get and it has been verified by Trustwave.  Credit Card details are not stored in the system.  They are encrypted and sent only once through the payment gateway and all information is secure.

·       In addition, Unibet has a dedicated fraud department that detects and prevent any suspicious activity before it happens.  Which is the reason why all accounts need to be verified and have IDs when opening accounts.  These systems are in place for security reasons.

·       It is legal to use Unibet both in India and in Australia.

Does Unibet Accept:
Rupees & Australian Dollars

Yes, Unibet accepts both Australian dollars and Indian Rupees.  The fact that Indian Rupees are accepted is the reason why Unibet is popular in India.  In addition, withdrawals and transfers can be made via VISA, Bank Transfers, Skrill, Ukash, and Neteller making Unibet lucrative in India. 

Opening a Unibet Account from:
Opening an Account in Unibet is the same around the world.  Just register for a new account and follow the instructions.  Within minutes, you will be on your way to having fun and making money.

The only difference between opening and account in India and in Australia will be the funding mechanism.  Unibet has the same protocol for opening accounts all over the world therefore, account holders will need to follow the instructions on setting up an account which is an easy process.


In conclusion

Unibet is an online gambling site which provides entertainment to many.  Originated in Scandinavia, it has expanded and is now in many parts of the world including Asia and the South Pacific.

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