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College International Model United Nations 2018

United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR)

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Resolving Rohingya Refugee Crisis: Providing Immediate Support to People
Affected by Conflict in Burma and Resettlement Measures

Sri Lanka




















“Migrants and
Refugees are not pawns in the chessboard of Humanity”

-Pope Francis

Keeping that quote
in mind, Sri Lanka views the current condition of Rakhine State has long been
regarded as amongst the worst in the world. Forced labor, human trafficking,
and child labor have become common in modern day Burma. Burmese Military Regime
has become notorious for their use of sexual violence as a method of asserting
control and dominance over the men, women and children of Rohingya. This agenda
is not a stranger to UNHCR, having constantly alarming the Burmese Military Regime
to respect and acknowledge the Rohingya’s human rights. Sri Lanka strongly
deplores the constant violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms”
and urges upon the Burmese Military Regime “to take urgent measures to put
an end to violations of international human rights and humanitarian law.”

Sri Lanka believes
the present condition constitutes of numerous focal elements, each which need
to be addressed discretely. The first being the mammoth humanitarian catastrophe
that has torn things apart in the region. The second focal element to be scrutinized
is the intense chauvinistic nationalist philosophy being propagated by the
Burmese Military Junta.

Lanka and their officials of scrutinized that Rohingya Muslims and other
minorities have seen discrimination and viciousness led towards them, thwarting
them from fully enjoying their human rights and fundamental freedoms (Article
5,15,18,19,21,25 of United Nations Declaration of Human Rights). Also, Sri
Lanka has been continuously criticizing the 1982 Citizenship Law because of its
scathing flaws and for it not being in compliance with UNCRC and UNDHR. Sri
Lanka shows immense concern for hundreds of thousands of helpless Rohingyas who
are isolated in momentary refugee camps in ominous conditions and further
believes permitting them full citizenship and letting them enjoy all human
rights in their native land of Burma is long term solution to solve the plight
of this oppressed minority. Sri Lanka and its officials have been proposing
that UNHCR must work towards ensuring not only the safety and security of
refugees seeking asylum in Burma’s neighboring countries, but it must also work
towards creating a benign, available, and sustainable living environment for relocation
of these refugees into the new societies.

Sri Lanka views that the international community must negotiate and
collaborate in order to come up with a definitive plan to combat the evils of
the Rohingya Crisis, and protect the lives of innocent stateless minorities,
Sri Lanka would like to propose the following solutions:


·       Monetary, nourishment and dwelling aid and resources must
come in abundance to the refugees in need, and camps need to be set up in
countries such as Bangladesh, to control the influx of refugees pouring into
the region.

UNHCR must analyze which food/crop can be productively
cultivated in places near Rakhine and Rohingya refugee camps. After doing this
the officials can give this to the refugees.

Provide and seek improved provision of support to known
SGBV survivors

Myanmar’s Citizenship Laws must eliminate
race as a criterion for citizenship and base citizenship on objective
criteria such as decent, as most countries in the world do today, to ensure
that their citizenship laws do not discriminate on the grounds of race.

Myanmar Citizenship Laws should guarantee
that kids born of stateless people in Myanmar are able to obtain Myanmar
nationality to inhibit the generational spiraling of statelessness and ensure
that Myanmar’s duties as a member to the UNCRC are met.

Myanmar Citizenship Laws must include naturalization
procedures that are fair-minded, sensible and accessible to those who have a
clear link to Myanmar. Myanmar’s laws should be implemented in a
non-discriminatory and non-arbitrary manner.


The nation urges other UN
members to oblige by their promises and draft a new resolution introducing
protocols that allows Rohingya Muslims to have a secure and tranquil life



Glossary of Terms:

UNHCR: United Nations
High Commission on Refugees

UNUDHR:  United Nations Universal Declaration of Human

UNCRC: United Nations
Convention on the Rights of the Child





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