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“Ummm……” said a faint voice. I looked up from my desk and I
didn’t realize it sooner, but a little girl was right in front of me. She looks
quite nervous in this dark, gloomy room. She had straight, brown hair with slight
curls at the ends. It was all put together with a bright, orange and green bow
on the top of her head. She finally found the words she was looking for and
asked in the most silent voice I ever heard in my life. “Can you read me a
story?” It was hard to tell that it was night time, since only a single candle
was used to illuminate my workspace. With a smile, I responded, “Sure. The
usual I presume.” Her face lit up, even brighter than this shallow candle. She
nodded in agreement and raced to the spot where the book was placed. In a
flash, she came back with her arms wrapped tightly around her. She carried that
book around, as if it depended on it to live. I got off from my chair, which
the cushion took form of my back and bottom, and stretch these old bones out. I
took her hand and pulled her to our reading spot. With that, she sat down on my
legs, and I began to read.

Once upon a time, lived two young siblings. They both ruled
over a rundown kingdom, which later became a glorious, proud empire. Most
people in their kingdom dearly respected these two, for the accomplishments
they did to bring the kingdom back to life. Both siblings were very mysterious
people, blessed with supernatural powers, some may say that they’re both gods. The
older sibling ruled the kingdom with a righteous fist. He has been known to
control space and was very wise. Even with a lifetime of studying and gathering
of information, none can pass his intellect. The younger sibling was naïve and
blissful. She was known to control time and was very open minded. Being the
most social of the two, she would wander around the kingdom and talked to her
fellow citizens.

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The kingdom they built lived through peaceful times, until
one fateful day. The older sibling was found ill with a rare disease. To not
cause massive panic through the kingdom, the younger sibling left to collect
the cure, the petals of the Angel’s Tears Lily, from the highest mountain in
the kingdom. Months passed from that day, and the younger sibling was never
heard from again. Citizens began to panic, most even fled the kingdom due to
the older sibling was growing weaker and the younger sibling was missing. A few
years has passed and the kingdom that once was great, has perish into ruin. No
one has heard from that kingdom ever again.

“But you know the good news is, that one day the sibling
will be reunited and that kingdom will flourish on more,” I said as I closed
the book. The girl nuzzled my hand on her cheek and said confidently,” I will
be the one to bring the siblings back together!” I couldn’t help to crack a smile
at her purity and determination for such a task. I picked up her light body and
took her to bed, “Heroes always have to go to bed.” She trekked to dreamland
soon after I left. “I wonder if anyone can reunite them, or is it just too
late.” I returned to the enslavement of my work. Maybe, it will be a good idea
to open that busted window.

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