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is everywhere. It’s in the books we read, websites we visit, on street signs, product
packaging , billboards, on street signs etc. It’s the complete visual
aesthetics of any written word. Before the computerized age, typography was a specialised
skill that was limited on stones then to books, billboards etc. Today, the worldwide
web became a graphic standard, the art of typography changed in a thousand of unique
ways. Type is a visual language, It not just about letters but it’s about a
whole other set of information that comes with them. The feeling, message and
tone of the type is more significant than the words themselves. Theo van
Leeuwen and Gunther Kress summarize it in their book – The Grammar of Visual
Design “The visual component of text is an independently organized and
structured message, connected with the verbal text, but in no way dependent on
it and similarly the other way round.” This indicates that every written
word can show two individual meanings, the definition and the emotion suggested
by the typography. visually appealing presentation fonts facilitate
communication and audience.  Lets take a
look at Corporate Alphabet poster by amound van den heuval and koert van
mensvoort- 2007. The image shows certain letters from a well-known logo, it’s
very easy to tell what company logos these are Because of the type, colour,
font the company used. This helps convey some information/meaning about the
company, making it a timeless designed logo. Visually appealing presentation
fonts facilitate communication and audience engagement. 

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