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Two delicate, bundled stalks of nerve tissue
erupt forward from the brain, slip between
gaps in the backs of each eyeball, and attach themselves gently to the rear of each
retina. These are the optic nerves, the transmitters linking human beings to their powers of sight. And
now researchers have shown that space travel puts a powerful, dangerous squeeze
on their fragile tips.


Economic: The space travelers would be blind
because if the nerve is been squeeze dangerously then they will lost there and
if the sense of see is gone then it cannot be replace.

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Social: A study of 15 astronauts who had been on
missions in orbital freefall for about six months found that the tissues at the
backs of their eyes — tissues that surround the heads of their optic nerves
tended to look warped and swollen in the weeks after their return to Earth.


Political: The government leaders would have to
stop send people to space so they have to send machines to space and use the
machine to and collect samples to study, what they are studying.


Environmental: The space craft fossil will damage
the atmosphere and it will cause air pollution

And it will kill the plants and animals, it will
hurt the human and children and they will get sick.

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