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Tunku Abdul Rahman
was the “Father of Independent”. He was the chief minister of the
Federation of Malaya from 1 August 1955 to 31 August 1957. He was the first
prime minister of independent Malaya from 1957 to 1963.  He was also the first minister of Malaysia.
He took over the office at 31 August 1957 and left the office at 22 September 1970.

   Tunkul Abdul Rahman was born on 8 February
1903 and died in 6 December 1990, at the age of 87. He was born in a royal
family in Alor Star, Kedah. He was the 20th son of Sultan Abdul Hamid Halimshah, the 24th Sultan of Kedah. His mother was Che Menjelara, the
daughter of Luang Nara Borirak, the chief of Matahan in Thailand. He was sent
to a Malay Primary School in Jalan Baharu in the year of 1909 at the age of 6.
He was later moved to the Government English School in Alor Star, which became known as Sultan Abdul
Hamil College. In 1911, he was at the age of 8, he was sent to Debsirin School
in Bnagkok to study with his three brothers. After 2 years, he returned to Malaya and continued
his studies at Penang Free School in 1913.

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  In 1919, at the age
of 16, Tunku Abdul Rahman was awarded a scholarship from the Kedah State and
persued his studies at St.Catherine’s College, University of Cambrige. The
college rejected him to stay in the college because of his skin colour. But he got an offer to stay
in the college when they found out that he was a prince. He decided to reject the offer and rented a
room outside the college. In 1925, at the age of 22, he graduated with a
bachelor degree in Arts of Law and History with honor. After his studies in
England, he returned to Malaya to enter the Kedah Civil Service at the age of
23. He was a cadet in the Legal Advisor’s Office, and then as district in
several Kedah districts.

  In 1930, Tunku Abdul
Rahman sat for the bar exam but he failed on his first try. In 1947,
at the age of 44, he continued his studies in law. He finally passed
the bar exam that he failed nine years ago and got admitted to bar in 1949. He
was appointed at the Legal Officer’s Office in Alor Star in the same year. 

  Tunku Abdul Rahman
makes a lot of friends from different nations; it makes him gained a lot of political
awareness. After he returned to Malaya, he became the chairman of the United Malays National Organisation
(UMNO).  He became the UMNO president at
26 August 1951. He started to travel around the world and meet people to
promote unity. 

  In 1955, the alliance won the country’s first
general election.  The alliance won 51
out of 52 seats.  Tunku Abdul Rahman was
appointed as the country’s chief minister. 
He got a mission to London to negotiate with the British government
about the independence of Malaya. They finally sign the Independent Treaty at Lancaster House in London on 8
February 1956.
Finally, the
independence of Malaya set at 31 August 1957. At the same time, Tunku Abdul Rahman was
elected as the first Prime Minister of Malaya. Under his leadership, the
alliance won the general election in 1959, 1964 and 1969.

   It took us a long time to have our
independent day back then and it was not an easy duty. Our Father of Independent
has faced a lot of challenges. In 1939, he was in London. But he returned back
to Malaya due to World War II. He got a duty as a District Officer in Kulim. In
1941, he wanted to make six “Long House” to prepare the removal of civilians.
The challenge started by the state secretariat rejected the funds for his
project. He needs to find donations by himself so that he could continue the

   The biggest
challenge definitely would be the road of independence. On 1 January 1956,
Tunku Abdul Rahman and two delegations sailed from Singapore to Karachi on the
Asia.  They prepared all the draft proposals
when they were on their road. On 16 January, they entered Lancaster House in
London for the Merdeka. Finally, Tunku Abdul Rahman signed the independence
agreement on 8 February 1966.  He made
the first public
announcement of their success at Malacca after he came back from London.

  Tunku Abdul Rahman was known as our father of
Independent”.  The  biggest 
achievement  of  Tunku 
Abdul  Rahman  was 
the  independence  of 
Malaya. Tunku Abdul Rahman went all over to London and negotiates with British
government and leading Malaya to independent. Before he went over to London, he
had prepared a lot of preparation. Such as constitution of Malaya and get many
different opinions and suggestions from many people. It was a long and tough
road that leads Malaya to independent.

  The second achievement of Tunku Abdul Rahman
must be the form of Malaysia. He went to the nearby countries of Malaya, such as Singapore, Sabah,
Sarawak and Brunei and gave speech of the concept of Malaysia. On 16 September
1963, most of the countries have accepted the concept of Malaysia and become a
member of Malaysia but only Brunei refused to join Malaysia. After the formation of
Malaysia, he became the first prime minister of Malaysia. 

   The form of Islamic Development Bank was also one of the achievements for Tunku Abdul Rahman. In
1973, he helped the king of Saudi Arabic to open Islamic Development Bank. Now,
Islamic Development Bank has changed the name to Organization of Islamic

1974, Tunku Abdul Rahman took up a stake for “The Star”.  He also becomes the chairman of the “The Star” at the same year.  In that few years Tunku Abdul Rahman loves to
write column.  The column that he writes in the newspaper is about the “Looking
Back” of Malaysia. These columns also boost up the circulation of the newspaper
at that time. Because of this column he becomes the most famous columnists in
that time. He became the chairman of “The
Star” until he passed away

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