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“Tuesdays with Morrie” has influenced my view on life and death in a remarkable way. This book explores the meaning of life and understanding that “once you learn how to die, you learn how to live (pg. 82).” Morrie Schwartz was a professor and a teacher until the end; he was living with ALS, a disease that was affecting his body and slowly taking his life. With the knowledge of his impending death, Morrie opted not to fall into the hands of death, but teach others of it as he dies. Throughout the book, Morrie expresses philosophies and adages reflecting on the many lessons of life.

In his last moments when Morrie was in between life and death, his main advice is to not give up and live life fully.One main idea from this book that has stuck with me, is the impact one person can have on the rest of your life. As an aspiring geriatric physical therapist, I know I will encounter a diverse group of people throughout my career with various outlooks on life. Some of the most basic ideas and procedures we teach patients can make the biggest differences in their lives. The book balances the more depressing topics of death and sickness with the ideas of love, family and friendship, and as a physical therapist in a gerontology field I will have a unique ability to do the same. I have always had compassion for the elderly and this book has further inspired and encouraged me to have the ability to connect with and understand the needs of each patient and form a relationship that makes their decision-making process more distinct and purposeful.¬†Through Morrie’s death, he attempts to share his wisdom on how to live in a way that is inspirational and made me think about my own views on life, and how it should be lived. Life these days has become scrambled and also complicated.

From this book, I have discovered that to live in accord and prevent unwarranted arguments, we must learn how to communicate effectively and compromise to an extent. I consider myself a very optimistic person, and I agree that it is beneficial to have a positive outlook on life, or develop the ability to turn what could often be a negative circumstance into a new, uplifting opportunity. Over time, society has developed a set of rules or standards that most of us feel obligated to follow, however, this set of “rules” isn’t always the most beneficial because the majority of them are self-centered. “Tuesdays with Morrie” demonstrated that if the culture of the society you live in does not suit you, then you don’t have to conform and abide by its rules.

Because life is short, we should live in it our own way that is pleasing and fulfilling. This emotional rollercoaster ride of reading this book has often made me wonder as well: if I were to die today, have I lived life to the fullest? After reading Mitch and Morrie’s discussion about death I thought more about what I want from my life. I knew what I wanted before, and I knew that I would die at some point, but connecting the two ends of this spectrum is what gives me motivation to become a geriatric physical therapist.

In Morrie’s case, it was beneficial for him to receive his care at home. Prior to reading this novel, I had a positive outlook on home health care services because the impact it had on my grandmother. This novel has also furthered proved the importance of home healthcare and that it is a viable option for the elderly who are more comfortable in their own home setting.In summation, ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ has given me a new perception on life.

He has highlighted the important things in life, and thus made me step back and look at my life, and ask myself if I am satisfied with my life, and if I’ve done all the things I want to do. I have been inspired and touched by Morrie’s actions in his final moments, and I aspire to do the same as a physical therapist one day.

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