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defined in many ways depends on the situation, the actors, the balance of
power, the level of risk, and the degree of action of one actor can be verified
by the others (Mayer, et al. 1995 as cited in McNeish, 2015). Furthermore, Mayer, stated that trust is viewed as
a tendency of a person to rely another person and to effort completing the task
without monitoring the other participant. The perception will be developed of
future behaviour based on affective and cognitive information. Thus, in this
context, the research found that the predictor of trust are perception of others’
ability, benevolence and integrity, and the emotional intelligence ability to
perceive emotions  (Christie, Jordan, &
Troth, 2015). In addition, religious people will be thought and acted religiously
that affect behaviour and level of trust (Hoon, Gächter, Hoffmann,
& Tan, 2016).


predictor has been used to explained how to build trust, such as service
quality and customer satisfaction (Maghzi, Abbaspour,
Eskandarian, & Hamid, 2011), perception of equity and perception of organizational
politics (Chen & Indartono, 2011), and justice, benevolence, integrity and competence (Zhang & Chelladurai,
2013). Trust also mediated the relationship variables research that the
relationship will be strong or weak, such as the relationship between knowledge
hoarding and justice (Holten, Hancock, Persson,
Hansen, & Hogh, 2016), the correlation between perceived member exchange quality
and innovative work  behaviour of
employee (Bal, Mehdi, & Davoudi,
2015), and the relationship between the physical attributes (attractiveness)
and the behavioural characteristic (justice and empathy) of the leader (Guinalíu & Jordán,

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commitment and trust has recognized as an essential element for successful long
term relationship (Garbarion & Jhonson,
2016). Trust is also considered as the paste that united between the
principal and his/her supporter and offer the facilities for organizational and
leadership effectively (Mineo, 2014).


fact, commitment involves emotional orientation toward organization,
reciprocity between a person and organization and moral duty to cooperate. Trust
can support to make an action toward commitment (Müller, 2008). For instance, perception of organizational politic has positive
significant relationship on perception of trust. Conversely, perception of
organizational politic has negative relationship on perception of trust, and
trust has positive significant relationship on perception of organizational
commitment. More analysis proved that perception of trust mediated the
relationship between perception of organizational politic and perception of
organizational commitment (Utami, Bangun, & Lantu,


On the
other side, trust can moderate the relationship among the variables. Moderator is
the most frequently present when the relationship of independent and dependent
variables is circumstantially unconvincing. Additionally, moderator have the
same level with the independent variables (Kim, Kaye, & Wright,
2001). Using trust as moderator has found in many research such as the
relationship between emotional intelligence and transformational leadership
styles (Yunus & Anuar, 2012), the association of perceiver HRM practices, task
performance turnover intentions and individual well-being (Alfes, Shantz, & Truss,


 Mas’ud, Manaf, and Saad (2014) proved that trust and power have strong relationship to
explained tax compliance. But the presence of trust and power alone do not
amend the tax compliance, the tax compliance will be better when there is the
combination of trust in and power authorities to explain tax compliance. Trust
also moderates the relationship between affective commitment and procedural
justice. In Australia, trust significantly influence of affective commitment
and procedural justice, but no in South Korea and China (Jiang, 2015). Similarly, trust did not moderate the relationship
between institutional image and student loyalty to the institution.

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