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Transportation: The Pony Express was an important part of getting mail to one point to another. The Pony Express was a 2,000 mile route mail delivery system to California. The Pony Express was important because it carried vital government documents. The Pony Express used riders and horses to carry mail around. There were stops every 5 to 10 miles along the trail. At every stop the rider would have to switch horses. On the journey, the weather would sometimes turn nasty, so the riders would have to dress for any occasion. If a Pony Express rider wanted extra money they would have to work extra. Being a rider was a big deal. It was a such a big deal that the rider would have to take the rider’s oath. When you were on a trip you had lots of tools to keep you going. The riders probably had a satchel to hold everything. When the Pony Express was striving Samuel Morse came up with Morse Code. This is bad because Morse code can be sent over a long distance in a shorter period of time than the Pony Express.The Transcontinental Railroad was a train that took people from N.Y to California. This railroad would make traveling faster. The Transcontinental Railroad took six long years to build. Workers laid over 1,700 miles of track. This excellent railroad was built during a war. To start the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad President Lincoln signed the Pacific railroad act. Most of the workers for the railroad were irish or chinese immigrants and others were slaves. The journey was so long the two different companies built part of the railroad then they met in the middle. The planned route had to go through mountains, so workers would set up dynamite then blow a hole through the mountain.Covered wagons could weigh up to 2,000 pounds in supplies.The wagon would hold the belongings of a traveler. The wagon was pulled by teams of oxen to stand the bumpy ride. The elderly, pregnant and the small children didn’t walk, they stayed in the wagons and enjoyed the ride. Traveling was really hard because the pioneers needed to pack and unpack everyday. One thing that made traveling a little bit easier is that the covered wagons were narrow, so they could fit between the rock walls of mountain. The pioneers either slept on the wagons or in tents that they set up.Louisiana Purchase:Why did the U.S need more land? The U.S had been growing rapidly. In search for new land to raise livestock and to plant crops. As these lands got crowded, the obvious place to expand to is to the west.How much land was it? The Louisiana Purchase was huge, it covered 828,000 square miles and all of that became 15 different states. It doubled the size of the U.S and made it a word nation.How much did it cost? Thomas Jefferson wanted to buy the settlement of New Orleans from the french because it was a major seaport. The seaport was fed from the Mississippi, making it important to many american business. Thomas Jefferson sent the U.S minister, Robert Livingston, to try and buy the land from the French Emperor Napoleon. At first Napoleon didn’t to sell. He had hopes of making an empire that included the americas. Soon, Napoleon started to have problems and he needed money. In 1803, Napoleon offered to sell the territory to the U.S for $15 million. In today’s money that would be $135,923,683.81 million.Gold Rush:Before the Gold Rush there were 14,000 non Native Americans living in California. In 1848, 6,000 people came to California And in 1849, 90,000 people came to dig in California, these people were called the Forty Niners. These miners came from all around the world to mine for gold. Many Forty Niners came from places like China, Mexico, Europe and Australia.Panning for gold is one of the many methods you can use for mining for gold. This methods is used to separate the gold from the dirt.

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