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Toys are
my enemies. Or so people around me thought when I was 9. Because any toy bought
for me would be disintegrated by the next day. What I really was, is curious. I
am a very curious person.  I love understanding and discovering how any mechanism
works. I am that guy in school who steals a pinch metal salts from chemistry
lab to perform flame tests at home, bring home magnifying glasses and prisms to
see light abiding certain rules. As I grew up, I started getting inclined
towards physics because the idea of being able to predict attributes like
motion and speed of objects in macro-physical world by using formulas, was
magical for me back then. That made mechanical engineering a near obvious
choice for me to select as a specialisation for my graduation. 


Rourkela, as a mechanical engineer in making, I learnt several subjects dealing
with machines, thermodynamics, production processes and with it, came at me, an
overload of formulas and theories with lightning speed, which I somehow managed
to catch up with! But what all of this taught me is something beyond mechanical
engineering, it taught me to be resourceful and equipped me with the art of
problem solving. Any problem that life throws at me, instead of jumping right
into the solution like I would otherwise do, I take a step back, get a complete
perspective of the problem and start by defining the problem statement,
followed by gathering all the information I need to tackle the aforementioned
problem and having a structured way of solving it. In fact, after 3rd year, in
my summer internship with Tata Steel when I was asked to solve radial
misalignment issue at the rotary section of a new bar mill, I followed the same
structured approach. With the help of Ishikawa diagram that was taught to us in
Industrial Management course, I arrived at all the potential causes of the
misalignment, studied ways of overcoming the cause, and suggested two
alternative designs of rotary sections. My work was appreciated and I bagged a
PPO offer from Tata Steel for the work.

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Graduation I joined Bajaj Auto under MIS (Management Information Services). As
a business analyst here, I am responsible for bringing forth technology
improvements in business practices including production operations and asset
management operations, formulate creative solutions, manage teams that will
implement solutions and understand business requirements with the perspective
of technologies.

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